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Random Ramsdom 8/27: Texans tidbits Los Angeles Rams Hoodie , and closing in on Aaron Donald Rams beat Texans 21-20: Instant analysis and game notes | RamsWireCam DaSilva’s quick take on preseason game three.McVay Provides Update on Aaron Donald | Rams OfficialLet’s hope it’s not all hot air and conjecture, but when the HC starts talking about timelines as far as acclimating a player, aligning in LA to #paytheman.Week 3 Snap Counts | Rams OfficialA look at who saw action against Houston on Saturday.Rams vs. Texans: Studs and duds | RamsWireJoe Noteboom, John Kelly and Ethan Westbrooks continue to shine. Sean Mannion, Troy Hill, and Temarrick Hemingway continue to stink.Rams played a defense Texans weren’t expecting | TexansWireLooks like Wade Phillips had a few tricks up his sleeve, albeit in preseason fashion, for the Texans. Zone? A preview of things to come Customized Los Angeles Rams Jerseys , or just an experiment?John Kelly’s Powerful Preseason | Rams Official6th round picks aren’t usually a lock for the roster. John Kelly’s preseason has erased any doubt that he’ll make the final 53. Defensive Starters Show Promise in Limited Work | Rams OfficialIt only lasted for seven snaps, but most of the Rams first-team D suited up on Sunday in what was an exciting sneak peek. Spoiler Alert: DT Ndamakong Suh annihilated QB DeShaun Watson leading to a LaMarcus Joyner INT.Raiders remain open to trading Khalil Mack | FanSidedAs positive news emerges on the Aaron Donald front for the Rams, the Raiders scenario with Khalil Mack darkens. Best of both worlds: Rams sign Donald and Raiders remain in a stalemate with Mack heading into week 1.LA Rams Fantasy Preview | Fantasy Six-PackGot a draft (or 5) this week? Here’s a quick primer of the Rams’ fantasy studs. Another week, another win for the Los Angeles Rams.After a battle in cold temperatures and in the snow (kinda?), the Rams leave Denver unscathed (in record not injury) at 6-0.Let’s take a look at the stock report:Stock DownOLB Matt LongacreAnother game, another invisible performance for Longacre. Not only that, but at one point his back flared up and he was questionable to return. For a guy who just spent the past few months with multiple injuries (back, biceps) this is not good. It might be time to start looking elsewhere when it comes to an outside pass rush.CB Troy HillHill was awful yesterday. Call it how you will , but you can’t let three guys get over the top of you. Not only that, but he also registered a pass interference penalty. He was clearly the weak spot on the defense and Case Keenum was smart to continuously target Hill deep. Why is Hill even starting over Sam Shields at this point? At first I thought injury might have something to do with it, but Shields was playing on special teams and checked in at the end of the game.OLB Samson EbukamSamson Ebukam actually had a strip-sack early in the game that was negated because Keenum picked the ball up and threw it (BS rule) but was invisible outside of that. I’m surprised that Ebukam and Longacre have been this ineffective rushing the passer when getting to play with arguably the best trio of defensive lineman in the league.TE Tyler HigbeeThis isn’t so much Higbee’s fault, but over the past few weeks it’s starting to become the Gerald Everett show. Not that Everett is seeing a major role or major targets, but Higbee has been a complete non-factor in the passing game the past week or two. It looks like the Rams are slowly transitioning into an increased role for Everett which makes sense coming off an offseason where he was injured.Stock UpILB Cory LittletonAnother game another solid performance for Littleton. Littleton registered four tackles with an assisted tackle and nearly had an interception that turned into a pass deflection which was intercepted by SS John Johnson III. Littleton’s speed and versatility make him a much better fit for this defense than Alec Ogletree ever was.RB Todd GurleyUnreal. Gurley toted the rock 28 times for 208 rushing yards and two touchdowns. Not only that, but Gurley had another two receptions for 17 yards. This wasn’t just a great game from Gurley, it was something the Rams hadn’t seen for 17 years since Marshall Faulk rushed for over 200 yards in 2001. Gurley averaged 7.4 yards per carry. Keep feeding the horse!WR Robert WoodsIn 5/6 games this year, Robert Woods has crossed 80+ yards receiving. Three of those were 100+ receiving yards performances. Woods stepped up again as the only fully healthy (well Los Angeles Rams T-Shirt , nobody is really fully healthy now) receiver with seven receptions for 109 yards on Sunday. Not only has Woods been a lowkey star, but he actually leads the Rams offense in both receptions (38) and receiving yards (524). Death, taxes, and Robert Woods killing defensive backs.S Lamarcus JoynerFinally Joyner makes his presence felt in a positive manner. Joyner had five tackles on the day with two more assisted tackles also registering his first sack of the season on a impressive spin move on a running back. He also registered a tackle-for-loss. Hopefully this is the kick starter on a more noticeable Joyner.After a perfect start to the season, the Rams head back into the state of California to face off with another divisional rival in the San Francisco 49ers.
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