Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 High OG TS SP Release in April

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2019 Mens Jordans update the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 which has been receiving attention since its launch. Away from the popular Travis, the popularity of the shoes is also very attractive. Recently, a set of close-up detail maps was re-exposed. This Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 High OG TS SP upper is made of black and white lychee with dark brown nub leather. The heavy material makes the shoe stiff and very textured. The iconic exaggerated anti-hook on the outside of the vamp extends from the sole to the shoelace buckle, and the avant-garde temperament also has some domineering. The details of the shoe body are very detailed, like the 3M “Cactus Jack” label on the inside of the shoe body. The logo of the 3M “Cactus Jack” is changed. The logo presented in this way will only be revealed under strong light, which is in line with Travis Scott's unique personal style. In addition, the heel has a Travis exclusive Ghost Logo, and the thick engraving makes the rounded heel more textured. The position of the flying wing collar on both sides of the upper can be expanded, and it is said that the banknote can be inserted.

For a long time, adidas brought the famous street brand BAPE to create two BAPE x adidas Ultra Boost for the American Super Bowl. Just the official website has released the link. Both co-branded names are presented in BAPE's iconic camouflage elements, one black and one green, which can satisfy you regardless of low-key simplicity or individuality. The Ultra Boost Logo is displayed in gold and silver, highlighting the technology of the home, and it is also very refined. For better overall color matching, the midsole uses black Color Boost makeup. At the top of the tongue, “The Head of the Man” is dressed in Stars and Stripes, which highlights the unique theme of the “American Spring Festival Evening”. It is worth mentioning that with this theme, there will be a series of costumes and single items to be launched together. The most worthy of the adidas version of the shark sweater, it seems that BAPE fans' wallets are not guaranteed.

The new React cushioning brought by Nike in 2018 is well received. The Nike React Element 87, which is based on this cushioning technology, has the highest popularity. The high value and comfortable foot feel have been recognized by the majority of players. Two new pairs of bright eye color officially debut. One of them is a translucent upper with a fluorescent yellow color, which is in sharp contrast with the bright pink of the heel. The eye-catching Swoosh and midsole are black, so that the whole pair of shoes does not look too exaggerated. The unique sole is unique. More technical sense. The other pair of translucent uppers are mainly made of light khaki. The details are complemented by fluorescent yellow and mango yellow. The eye-catching degree is comparable to that of UNDERCOVER. It is very refreshing and lively and is very suitable for spring!
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