The Green Bay Packers got their first taste of preseason

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Packers-Titans Fantasy Reaction: Adams & MVS trend up Cheap Jamaal Williams Jersey , Montgomery trends down action Thursday against the Tennessee Titans and while Aaron Rodgers, Jimmy Graham and Randall Cobb sat out, there was still plenty of fantasy implications to look at. With a mixed bag of starters and reserves, the preseason games can be a critical time for a player’s stock to rise or fall. Also, with only one cut down from a 90 to a 53-man roster, every play counts.Keep in mind that after one preseason game, someone’s stock rising doesn’t mean you should add them to your big board and vice versa.Stock UpDavante Adams, WRDavante Adams is going to be a WR1 you definitely want this year. He has the most chemistry with Aaron Rodgers of any pass catchers on the roster and on Thursday night, he proved the NFL isn’t ready for how good he’s going to be. He only played during the first quarter, but the deep ball he reeled in along the left sideline over Malcolm Butler looked purely effortless, from the route through the catch.His current average draft position puts him as the sixth WR to be taken in fantasy, leaving Antonio Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, Odell Beckham Jr., Julio Jones and Michael Thomas ahead of him. I’m not sure I like Jones and Thomas ahead of him. Time will tell.Marquez Valdes-Scantling Cheap Mike Daniels Jersey , WRMVS finished with five catches, 101 yards, and a TD which is an exciting stat line, even in a preseason game. He looked like he was going to leave scorch marks on the grass. The Packers drafted him as an option to help stretch the field and he was also returning kicks to the tune of 20 yards a pop. He looked controlled while hauling in a 51-yard bomb and didn’t over run the ball which was nice to see. Not long after that, Valdes-Scantling caught a 15-yard touchdown while the defenders arm was still tangled up between his own. It’s tough not to overreact, but this good be a great stepping stone for MVS to build on. Jamaal Williams, RBAaron Jones is out for the first two games of the regular season with a suspension, so that left Jamaal Williams and Ty Montgomery in the race to earn the starting spot for Week 1. During this preseason game against Tennessee, it looked fairly evident that Williams was going to be the guy. He outpaced Montgomery in touches and remained a factor in the passing game, scoring on a nifty eight-yard TD reception. Running largely behind a backup offensive line, Williams had a tough time finding big holes to run through. Hopefully this improves.Stock DownTy Montgomery, RBThis goes without saying since I have Williams’ stock up, but I’m going to say it anyway. Montgomery didn’t get a whole lot of rushing opportunities and had zero catches on two targets. I thought he might see more time as a pass-catching option — considering he used to be a wide out — but the Packers were more preoccupied with their young receivers getting targets. Montgomery outpaced Williams in snap count 29 to 13, but his highlight of the night was in pass protection and really sticking a blitzing linebacker.J’Mon Moore, WRMoore was the first receiver taken by the Packers in the 2018 draft , but he didn’t stand out in this game. He was targeted seven times, but only brought in three of those targets for 27 yards. There were a few times in which Moore was in a good position to make a play on the ball, but just wasn’t able to get it done. It’s only one preseason game and it very well could’ve been jitters. We’ll keep an eye on him. DeAngelo Yancey, WRYancey is in his second year and spent last season on the practice squad. He’s someone who needs to have a big offseason and produce in both preseason games and during practice. This game wasn’t a big showcase for him (two catches on five targets for 10 yards), so if you’re big on Yancey, you need to hope that he continues to make strides in practice. Packers head coach Mike McCarthy’s job security has been a story all season, but the final chapter may have begun with Thursday night’s loss in Seattle.Specifically, McCarthy’s decision to punt on fourth-and-2 with the Packers trailing 27-24 with 4:20 left in the fourth quarter is being heavily scrutinized after the Seahawks ran out the clock from there and won the game. Although McCarthy said after the game that he “played the numbers” when he decided to punt, it’s hard to imagine what numbers he was thinking of. Anyone with a passing understanding of analytics would say he should have gone for it.The Packers were down to one timeout at the time, and McCarthy blowing his timeouts early in the game has been a longstanding issue. Perhaps if the Packers still had all three timeouts, punting would have been more justifiable. But with one timeout, the decision was inexcusable.McCarthy acknowledged that it was a game the 4-5-1 Packers needed.“I think it’s obvious. We have five losses and we have not won on the road yet,” McCarthy said.This may have been the loss that sealed McCarthy’s fate.
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