After yet another comeback by Aaron Rodgers and the

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Green Bay Packers Authentic Josh Jackson Jersey , tons of praise are being thrown the quarterback’s way and rightfully so.However once the euphoria of Monday night’s victory wears off and you take a look at some tape, there are still some worrying trends on offense for Green Bay.Sign up here to join FanPulse, our weekly Packers survey.After a fast start to the game, the Packers once again had an extended sequence of poor offensive play and it nearly cost them the win. Up until the final three minutes of the fourth quarter, Green Bay’s offense went stale. They were unable to move the ball with any consistency and couldn’t get a touchdown in one trip to the red zone.Once their back was against the wall late in the fourth quarter, the tempo picked up and so did the performance.The lesson here: the offense needs to play quicker and Rodgers needs to get the ball out of his hand quicker. He has to kick the habit of holding the ball looking for the big play. Time and time again the Green Bay offense has shown it operates at peak efficiency when they throw quick strikes. Yet they keep going back to extended plays.Is that on Rodgers or head coach Mike McCarthy? Probably both. Rodgers does hold the ball too long yet McCarthy needs to shorten the field for his quarterback by ditching the long iso routes that have so often hindered the Green Bay attack.The Packers now have two weeks to think things over with the bye, and they’ll need all the firepower they can get to keep up with the undefeated Rams next up on the docket.You can read more on the offense plus how the Packers are approaching the bye week in today’s cheese curds.Packers analysis: Why Aaron Rodgers needs to get rid of the ball quickly—PackersNews.comInjuries to the quarterback and offensive line aside, the Packers function better in a hurry up mode on offense. Hopefully McCarthy realizes that sooner than later.Focus turns inward for Packers during bye—Packers.comFour road games in five weeks including back-to-back road stints against the Rams and Patriots the next two games Youth Jamaal Williams Jersey , so the Packers need to get their house in order during the bye week.The Packers’ All-Out Blitz won the day—DeadspinKevin King’s first career interception was set up by a seven man blitz. Someone had to get home because if they didn’t and couldn’t force an early throw, that play could have been disastrous.Aaron Rodgers, Packers’ offense could look different after bye—ESPNRodgers wants to ditch the knee brace after the bye week, but it’ll ultimately be Dr. Pat McKenzie’s call. As for the offense, a more mobile Rodgers could give the Packers a few more options.Wisconsin sports fans hate Joe Buck ... even the baseball version—Green Bay Press-GazetteLet the record show I like Joe Buck, both the football and baseball version. A lot of hatred thrown his way is just irrational fan behavior. If you want homer commentary, listen to Wayne Larrivee and Larry McCarren. When Greg Zuerlein hit a field goal to put the Rams up 29-27 with just over two minutes left to play in their game against the Packers, the thought in many heads was likely about whether they left Aaron Rodgers too much time on the clock.As it turned out , Rodgers never got the ball in his hands. Rodgers and the sizable number of Packers fans who turned out in Los Angeles were left to lament kickoff returner Ty Montgomery‘s fumble. Ramik Wilson ripped the ball away from Montgomery and the Rams got the ball back on the 21-yard-line. The Packers stopped the clock with their final timeout, but couldn’t stop Todd Gurley from running for a first down or do anything else to keep the Rams from advancing to 8-0.They’d done plenty up until that point. Five sacks and spirited play across the defense helped keep the Rams offense from scoring any points until the final minute of the first half and the defense held the Rams to field goals twice in the second half to give the offense time to rally. They were able to do it thanks to a 33-yard touchdown run by Aaron Jones and a 40-yard touchdown pass from Rodgers to Marquez Valdes-Scantling, but an Aaron Donald‘s 10th sack of the year ended the team’s final offensive possession before Montgomery’s blunder left the Packers out in the cold.It’s the stiffest test the Rams have faced in their first eight games and the question of whether they would have been able to stop Rodgers will remain an unanswered one. The prospect of a rematch is an appealing one, although the 3-3-1 Packers have some work to do in order to get in position to make that happen.If they do, they’ll need to find a way to do more to keep Gurley from making plays. He had 195 yards on offense and scored a touchdown for the 11th straight game to continue his remarkable run of success alive. Jared Goff survived the sacks to throw for three touchdowns, but had a rocky day overall against the Packers defense.He’ll try to clean that up before the team heads to New Orleans next week for what shapes up to be another tough outing for the league’s only unbeaten team. The Packers will have their hands full as well. They’ll be in New England for a Sunday night date with the Patriots.
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