A story that’s definitely flying under the radar this week is that the Buffalo

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Bills will be starting newly acquired quarterback Derek Anderson against the Indianapolis Colts this week. Anderson has a few cards stacked against him this week and the anticipation is that the Bills will rely heavily on their running game. The logical counter by the Colts will be to muck up the running lanes with nose tackle Al Woods. The starting tackle hasn’t broken the 60% barrier in snaps this year http://www.billsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-john-miller-jersey , but may do so courtesy of the Bills “not quite perfect” quarterback situation. Play 1There’s a few parallels between the Colts’ defense and that of the Bills. Under that lens, Al Woods’ closest comparable player is Star Lotulelei. Like Lotulelei, he’s often asked to occupy two lineman to create opportunities for others. On this play, Woods shows good aptitude for the job, making two Jets linemen back up nearly all the way to Sam Darnold. Play 2The play above is a great illustration of the role of a space eating tackle. Al Woods occupies two linemen and gets them to shift to his left. This creates a running lane but linebacker Darius Leonard is there to fill the gap. Without Woods, one of those lineman is there to spring Isaiah Crowell. Play 3If you’re looking for a good way to make a quarterback nervous it’s to win a two on three this cleanly. Woods gets low and with a little help from a friend, drives three Texans into Deshaun Watson’s lap. Play 4Al Woods needs to be accounted for when moving sideline to sideline. The Washington line flows right to block for Adrian Peterson. Center Chase Roullier seems to be moving Woods where he wants the nose tackle to end up. However, Woods plants a foot and cuts back. The entire time he’s been moving he makes sure to maintain enough space to disengage from the block. In an instant he’s made the tackle. Play 5Similar to the last play, Al Woods is able to disengage from his block and chases down the runner. Good lateral speed helps him close the distance and get in on the tackle. Play 6Indianapolis has Al Woods do this quite a bit. After engaging briefly in front of him, he quickly races to the edge. For this play, the pass is off before he can become a factor, but in general he is attempting to rush the passer when asked to make this move. While Woods has good speed for his size http://www.billsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-jerry-hughes-jersey , this tactic has not been effective. By the time he gets to where he can be disruptive the play has usually already been decided. Play 7Al Woods is a solid player who can create some havoc at times. He is not a dominant force however, and loses this match-up due to simple leverage. Nick Martin pushes up on Woods and is able to stand the nose tackle up, making him a non-factor on the play. Play 8The Bills will have some opportunities to run assuming they can scheme around what the Colts will be up to. Our focal point Al Woods is making sure there’s space for his linebacker Anthony Walker to be able to shoot into whichever lane running back Lamar Miller chooses. A key block by the tackle sets up Miller to kick it outside while also closing Walker off from the play. In ConclusionAl Woods is a roughly 50% of the time player, but comes in to help stop the opponent’s rushing attack. With the Bills offense already being run heavy and starting a quarterback that required a good dusting before arriving, it’s a safe bet the Colts will lean on their run stopping unit. Buffalo will need to be mix it up to take advantage of running lanes around Woods. A few big gains like that in Play 8 will help give Derek Anderson the breathing room he’ll be looking for.Josh Allen led the Buffalo Bills in fantasy scoring this week The Buffalo Bills had a terrible week on the football field, losing a 47-3 laugher to the Baltimore Ravens in their season opener. If you started any member of the Bills on your fantasy team this week, chances are high that you also suffered a loss, unless you had some other higher scoring players in your lineup to counterbalance the low-scoring Bills on the field.Of the players we profiled as players worth starting this weekend for Buffalo, Stephen Hauschka led the way, scoring 3 points. If your league deducts a point for missed field goals, however, he only scored 2. Otherwise http://www.billsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-corey-bojorquez-jersey , LeSean McCoy and Kelvin Benjamin compiled 2.6 and 1.5 points, respectively. Benjamin’s day could have been better, but he was unable to haul in a Josh Allen fastball in the end zone that would have at least added a touchdown to his meager ledger. In all, Benjamin was only able to catch one of seven targets on the afternoon.As for the Bills who led in fantasy scoring, the list was full of players who almost certainly weren’t in any fantasy lineups this week. Here are the top three scorers in fantasy football for the Bills in week one.QB Josh AllenThat’s right. The guy who entered the game with 11 minutes to go in the third quarter ended up leading the Bills in scoring. Allen compiled 5.56 fantasy points, totaling 74 passing yards and 26 rushing yards. He would have had a touchdown had Kelvin Benjamin been able to secure an accurate pass in the end zone. This by no means suggests that you should run out and add Allen off the waiver wire, as head coach Sean McDermott has not named a starting quarterback for the second game of the season yet. It does illustrate just how awful the Bills were on Sunday, however.WR Zay JonesNormally, this would be a good sign, especially after how badly Jones struggled during his rookie year. However, the Bills’ leading receiver on Sunday hauled in 3 passes for 26 yards, a stat line not worthy of flex consideration. He totaled 4.1 points on the day. If Jones can continue to develop a rapport with whomever the team decides to start at quarterback http://www.billsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-jason-croom-jersey , he might be worth a look in deeper leagues; however, adding him should not be a priority.RB Marcus MurphyIf your league awards points to individual return men, then you should look into adding Murphy immediately. While he only totaled 3.1 points in half-PPR leagues, totaling 31 yards on 6 carries, his usage suggests that Murphy is the better handcuff to own for McCoy. In the return game, Murphy returned 1 punt for 9 yards and 5 kicks for 165 yards. The Bills’ defense and special teams doesn’t appear to be a group worth owning, but if individual return men earn you points, Murphy could be a smart addition this week.
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