The Buffalo Bills took on the Houston Texans in what turned ou

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t to be a very winnable game. Miscues and multiple minor tragedies led to a heartbreaking loss. In this week’s look at playing time , the accolades go to players with high snap counts on the defense.Offense (62 snaps)Vladimir Ducasse exited the game with a knee injury, and was replaced by Ryan Groy. Jeremiah Sirles came in for six snaps for the Bills’ heavy package. Similarly, Patrick DiMarco was in for a relatively high 12 plays. Zay Jones was already leading the receivers in snaps and was on the field 94% of the time. LeSean McCoy was up next for most snaps among skill players with 47 plays. His 16 attempts means he’s asked to run about every three snaps he sees. Five targets added to that means McCoy was the workhorse for the day yet again. Logan Thomas and Jason Croom saw roughly equal playing time. The big story of course is Josh Allen leaving the game early due to injury. With current information suggesting he’ll be out for a bit, it should be interesting to see if the offense is altered to suit Allen’s temporary replacement. Defense (61 snaps)Not only did the full 100% club come out intact, they added a new member. While he flirted with it last week, Matt Milano became the latest defender to achieve omnipresence on the field. The versatility that this group brings to the table has been a major factor in the recent success of the Bills’ defense. Taron Johnson’s 66% on-field snap count sets the floor of the use of a nickel defense. Rafael Bush’s 34% of playing time suggests it was much higher, likely the entire game. Lorenzo Alexander is listed as a linebacker, but has been used on the line much more this season. The defensive line continues to rotate as they have been with a 2鈦? to 1鈦? goal for most spots. Trent Murphy’s undisclosed injury during the game put him briefly on the sideline, lowering his total a bit. The Bills continue to emphasize their faster lineup at tackle with Star Lotulelei falling under the 50% mark again. The newest addition, Jordan Phillips, stayed at around the 1鈦? mark. Special Teams (28 snaps)Only players seeing 30% or more of time on special teams are shown above. Despite poor performances so far this year, the core group remains relatively stable. Several key starters continue to see significant playing time on special teams, including the newly minted 100% man, Matt Milano.Five Buffalo Bills positional battles to watch With only one preseason game remaining , the Buffalo Bills have 87 players on their roster. That means that 34 of the players suiting up on Thursday against the Chicago Bears will not be with the Bills when they open the season against the Baltimore Ravens on September 9. With every preseason, there are positional battles to be waged, won, and lost. Here are five of the battles still brewing that we’ll be watching closely as the Bills play their last exhibition game of the 2018 season.QuarterbackA lot will be known not only by which quarterback starts this game, but also by which quarterback plays little, if at all. Rookie Josh Allen flopped in his starting debut against the Cincinnati Bengals, and second-year man Nathan Peterman continued his stellar preseason in the very same game. Veteran AJ McCarron should return, and if he starts and plays the majority of the game, it may actually be a tell-tale sign that he has no chance at the starting gig come Week one. Traditionally, the starters play very little, if at all, during a team’s fourth preseason contest. Seeing which quarterback plays the least may actually mean the most in this matchup.Interior Offensive LineThe lack of pass protection on Sunday night played a huge role in Josh Allen’s putrid performance against Cincinnati. While Dion Dawkins and Jordan Mills appear to be the team’s tackles, the interior line has been shuffled about quite a bit. Russell Bodine and Ryan Groy are still battling for the starting center job, with Groy also in the mix for a spot at guard if he should lose the battle of the pivot. John Miller Youth Kyle Williams Jersey , Vlad Ducasse, and Wyatt Teller are all fighting for one or two starting spots at guard. A lot can happen in the next week, and the last preseason game will be the coaching staff’s final evaluation in a game situation before the real contests begin.Slot Corner/CB2These to are linked because one of the participants is the same in each battle. While rookie Taron Johnson seems to have edged in front of veteran Phillip Gaines for the slot corner job, that doesn’t mean that the latter player will be off the roster. In fact, Gaines supplanted fellow newcomer Vontae Davis at outside corner for a time during the game against the Bengals. The top four corners seem to be set, with Davis, Gaines, Johnson, and Tre’Davious White all near-locks to make the roster. The order in which they will be deployed, however, still seems very much up for grabs.Backup SafetyHas rookie Siran Neal fallen behind former Carolina Panthers backup Dean Marlowe for a backup safety spot? Neal is more versatile, possessing the ability to play both safety and corner; however, Marlowe is bigger, standing at 6’2” and 205 pounds White Micah Hyde Jersey , perhaps giving head coach Sean McDermott the ability to play a “big nickel” look that he ran during his time in Carolina. With Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde locked in as the starters, the order in whicht eh backups are deployed on Thursday should give fans some insight into the coaching staff’s thinking.Wide ReceiverI believe that the top five receivers are already set, but the sixth spot is the wild card. Kelvin Benjamin, Zay Jones, Jeremy Kerley, and Corey Coleman should all be on the roster no matter what. Andre Holmes is probably going to remain with the club due mostly to his special teams ability. The team could choose to go with only five receivers, but they could also keep a sixth. Most likely, the decision will come down to veteran Rod Streater, who is once again enjoying a solid camp and preseason, and rookie Ray-Ray McCloud III, who provides youth and explosiveness in the return game. The Bills could keep seven receivers, but I doubt that happens. My gut says that Streater stays and McCloud goes, with general manager Brandon Beane trying to sneak McCloud onto the practice squad.
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