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I bought these to donate to my child's school garden club. I love the price and that you get 3 pairs. These seem durable and nicely colored. They are for kids in 2-5 grades. The only criticism I have is that it'd be nice if they were solid print instead of flowered. The boys may feel they're too girly, but that is a minor complaint! Good deal!
Suraj Biswas
My son is slim so the shirt is a bit too large for him but the quality of the shirt and short are excellent.
Ton Thachada P
Excellent quality at an excellent price! I have ordered other similar biking apparel mostly made outside the U.S. These jerseys from England (Made in England!!) are far superior in every way.
Joyce Et Elio Rached
Great product. Great Price. I will buy more as needed. Wish there was a white long sleeve. Living in Arizona that would be a great benefit.
Silas Cesar

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