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CHANGSHA Cheap Jonathan Toews Jersey , March 13 (Xinhua) -- China's Hunan Province was scandalized on Friday by public criticism of an official activity on China's national Tree Planting Day.

The district government of Lingling of Yongzhou City decided to circulate a notice of criticism of officials including the head of forestry bureau and director of the local women's federation.

On Thursday, the 37th Tree Planting Day, several web users posted photos of officials and volunteers in Lingling District walking on a mountain road covered by red carpet Cheap Duncan Keith Jersey , holding high the flags and carrying hoes.

Although it was reported that they had planted more than 25,000 trees, the photos aroused public criticism and suspicion that the activity was purely for show.

The organizer responded that they placed an old carpet on the mountain road because it was very slippery after rain.

"What I care most is whether they look after the trees they planted. In this way Cheap Patrick Kane Jersey , Tree Planting Day can be really meaningful," one comment said at Sina Weibo.

Americas Zen Masters Maxie Milar
Submitted 2014-02-04 02:55:38 Zen Master Hughes is a prominent and highly respected Zen Master. An American Zen Master famous for his passionate participation in antiviolence training and humanitarian activities. He has been recognized as a great esteemed advocate in the Texas House of Representatives bill H.R 526. "This esteemed recommend has exemplified the finest ideals of civic leadership and public service :

When it comes to specialized training, Master Hughes is the most highly trained Buddhist master in the U.S. From having taken antiterrorism training to being certified in the past as a Traumatic stress responder Authentic Corey Crawford Jersey , to having a Master's degree in management.

Master Hughes is an engaged Buddhist and his past and present define him as an accomplished Zen Master in Texas and a lifelong recommend of antiviolence as a great antiviolence and self-defense expert himself. He has trained law enforcement, prison guards, Military reserve and youth.

He is immensely involved in passing on his 30 and many years of experience as a criminologist and safety specialist as well as Master Instructor in Jujitsu. He shared his knowledge to influential agencies including NASA Authentic Jonathan Toews Jersey , Boys and Girls Club of America and East Texas Crisis Centers.

Master Hughes as soon as stated, exactly what good is a monk whom accomplishes a life of sitting in robes without having leaving his mark on the world; he is clearly defined by his actions instead of opinions. Master Hughes has been heavily involved and active with the victims in juvenile services for the previous 20 years, providing knowledge Authentic Duncan Keith Jersey , advice, and antiviolence training.

He was the first Buddhist Master to be recognized in the north east Texas, but he stays humble and quiet Authentic Patrick Kane Jersey , continuing to provide his humanitarian work.

He has been featured or mentioned in more than 44 articles including Houston Chronicle He has been on the ketk as well as kebe morning show as well as Kltv. He has been listed with numerous agencies including the cartus data base of trainers and his a couple of his recognitions include the following:

2011 Known for training in security and safety procedures to federal employees.
2007 Known by the Senate State of Texas Member, Senator Nichols
2006 Known by the United States Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime for dedication as well as difficult work on behalf of America crime victims.

2005 Recognized by the Texas Legislature for his priceless contributions that states "Whereas, Master M J Hughes has greatly added to the top quality of lifetime in Cherokee County Corey Crawford Jersey , and his efforts are truly admirable:. He has also been recognized by Governor Perry's office for his "commitment and generosity to the community in the Lone Star State". Author Resource:- Find out more about Buddhist Masters in the United States and Zen Master Texas today.
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