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MADRID Jabari Parker Jersey , July 10 (Xinhua) -- President of the United States Barak Omaba met King Felipe VI of Spain and acting Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Sunday during his brief visit to Spain.

Obama, who landed in Madrid late on Saturday night, visited the King for a reception at the Royal Palace in the center of Madrid at 10:30 a.m. local time.

The pair made a short appearance for the press, with Felipe stressing that the United States was "a friend and a decisive nation on the world," and that Spain and the U.S. shared "principals, values and interests."

In response Obama said that America and Spain "were not just allies, but countries which had the same ideals Eric Bledsoe Jersey , among them, freedom and respect for the rule of law," a sentiment he would later repeat following his reunion with Prime Minister Rajoy at his official residence, the Palacio de la Moncloa.

Following discussions lasting around an hour, Obama and Rajoy made declarations which were beamed to the press room in Moncloa via a TV screen.

The pair said they had discussed Brexit and Obama expressed hope that, "negotiations can be managed in a way that does not have adverse effects for Europe and the UK."

"If you believe the exchange of trade, culture and ideas can be a good thing Cheap Milwaukee Bucks Jerseys , then it has to be accompanied with policies which ensure workers have fair wages and that the social system is strengthened for the 21st century and addresses environmental issues," Obama said.

Rajoy said Spain would "have a constructive attitude in negotiations with the UK," and that the two leaders had also spoken about "refugees and the problems of Libya and Syria and the need to resolve them as soon as possible.

Both highlighted the close ties between Spain and the United States, which were strengthened by the large "Spanish speaking community" in America.

After concluding his meeting with Rajoy, Obama flew from the military airport of Torrejon, just outside of Madrid, to the U.S. military base at Rota in the southwest of Spain.

There he addressed the 3 Vin Baker Bucks Jersey ,000 U.S. troops and civilians living there, telling them the U.S. "couldn't ask for a better ally than Spain," before taking off to return to Washington DC at 8 p.m. local time.

The schedule of Obama's visit to Spain was changed at short notice on Saturday as a result of the shooting of 5 police officers in Dallas. As a result he was in Spain for less than 24 hours and was forced to drop a planned visit to the city of Seville.

Security measures were high during Obama's brief time in the country, but that didn't stop protestors from environmental group Greenpeace hanging a large banner protesting against TTIP negotiations from a building on Madrid's Gan Via.

The Great Barrier Reef is home to more than a few million species of marine animals, from fishes, plant life, microorganisms and marine mammals. The diversity can be credited to the fact that the reef is home to the biggest living community in the world Tony Snell Bucks Jersey , corals. The corals give life to most fishes by providing a place for them to spawn their young and also to protect them while they are growing up.

Some of its residents have adopted a life-long mecca of traveling upstream from their birthplace, grow, and then go back to the coral reef, like a reverse-version of the North Hemisphere salmons. Others make it their lifetime commitment to journey oceans beyond continents, and sometimes spending their whole youth to make the trip back and forth. And the more extreme of the two, is that the parents star the almost-endless journey, with their children finishing it for them. In fish Thon Maker Bucks Jersey , there is humanity as well.

It was through this idea that salt water fly fishing took off. The idea of several salt water sports fish congregating on this nexus of marine life gave birth to the idea of fishing the great ones for fun and for the challenge of it. Some of the larger sports fish can certainly give even the most experienced of anglers quite the challenge. These fishes are ranked according to agility, strength, mass and for some, even intelligence (because apparently, fishes ARE getting smarter over the next generation).

The culture of specialized rods and reels, baits, and lures began with fly fishing. A good fly fisher Ray Allen Bucks Jersey , when going on a fishing expedition, would not fail to stash his favored rod inside his camper van or motor home. Tackles and lures are maintained in their boxes, ready to be used should the good sportsman find an excellent watering hole beside the highway during his road trip. Of course, the wading suit and his trusty fisherman's hat should also always be by his side (or inside the dashboard, whichever works for the dedicated sportsman).

Fishing trips for salt water tappies are often done around random months, since while one specie of fish would swim to other waters, another group would come and replace them. Prized marlins Oscar Robertson Bucks Jersey , swift sailfishes, small blacks, dorado, red emperors, even sharkies and a slew of other fishes that will bite the long line all converge here, as if baiting the fishermen who bait the fish themselves.

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