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2019 Sneakers Release,As one of Nike's most classic sneaker collections, the Air Force 1 brings a lot of new designs and new color combinations every year, and a new color exposure has recently emerged. The overall body is made of knit and has a dark blue tone. The side of the shoe is embellished with silver Swoosh, and the appearance is very similar to the Travis Scott co-branded version.Travis Scott x Nike Air Force 1 is still unknown about the Velcro disassembly design. The new color scheme was launched to celebrate the football team's New England Patriots' sixth championship. The logo and VICTORY are printed on the insole, and six stars are attached below. The details are very hard.

In this year's re-enacted Nike Air Max 2 Light series, with a retro look and avant-garde color matching, showing a good value. Recently, a classic OG color matching returned for the first time. These shoes are matched in black and yellow, and the color scheme is quite a bit of the texture of Bruce Lee. The tongue and Swoosh Logo are decorated in light blue, and the overall style is very eye-catching.

2019 Yeezy Boost brand new 4D cushioning has also been promoted with the passage of time, professional running shoes and retro running shoes have an eye-catching performance! Recently, the overseas exposure account solebyjc has produced a brand new shoe type, the gray-purple woven upper is supplemented by many hot-melt blessings, followed by the eye-catching ring stabilizer with the familiar green 4D printing midsole, which is quite avant-garde! It is reported that this is the sample version of adidas 4D 1.0, which is more complicated and sharper than the later commercial version. No release of the news is released, we can only have an eye addiction!
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