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The city of Pittsburgh has only about 300 Dante Pettis Jersey ,000 people, a number that has steadily declined and is now less than half the nearly 700,000 population the city reached in the 1950s. However Mike McGlinchey Jersey , the overall metro Pittsburgh region has about 2.4 million people, a number that has stayed relatively steady for many years. There also are plenty of new people moving into the area each year for jobs in the thriving Pittsburgh area health care industry or at one of the area's top universities. There also is a large corporate presence in Pittsburgh that is constantly looking for workers. Newcomers moving in means people looking for new housing options.

Apartments in Pittsburgh

Many people moving into the area may want to rent Pittsburgh apartments, at least to start with. There are a variety of apartments in Pittsburgh Matt Breida Jersey , depending on what you are looking for. If you want to live in the downtown area to be closer to a job, entertainment or public transit, be prepared to pay more for a similar square footage and possible forgo amenities such as a pool George Kittle Jersey , fitness center and private parking. This largely due to the lack of space. If you want such amenities in the downtown area you may have to live in a luxury complex. If you are willing to widen your search and consider suburban areas, then you have a better chance to rent Pittsburgh apartments that fall more into your price range but also have some popular amenities.

Owned housing in Pittsburgh

If you have lived in an apartment for awhile and are looking to move up to a house or if you are moving to the city and want to put down roots right away, you have many options for owned housing. If you prefer urban living Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey , there are plenty of downtown condos for sale that run from affordable to luxury. Many of the higher-end condos have stunning river views and offer sought-after amenities. If traditional housing is more of your thing, then you will want to look outside the downtown area. And the good news is that housing overall in the Pittsburgh area is very affordable. Among the top 50 metro areas in the country, Pittsburgh has typically ranked toward the bottom in terms of housing prices. Whereas you might need $500 Jerry Rice Jersey ,000 or more to get a decent family-sized home in many markets, less than half that gets you the same in Pittsburgh. Whether you want a single-family home, a town home or a condo Joe Montana Jersey , there are plenty of choices in all price ranges across the Pittsburgh area.

Whether you are looking to rent an apartment or buy a home, the Pittsburgh area offers a number of affordable and appealing options.

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