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Changing the color in a room is a great way to change the entire feeling of the space. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to redecorate a room. There are lots of ways to alter your bathroom from installing new fixtures to changing the shower door. You might even decide to just fix a few problems and complete a shower door repair or improve the plumbing. However Buster Posey World Baseball Classic Jersey , you might also want to jazz things up more and really give the room a new look. The great news is since the room is small it is usually not too expensive to make really bold changes. You should begin with a plan and determine which colors will work best for the space. Use a color wheel and figure out what seems harmonious in the space. You need to feel happy and comfortable, and like any space, the bathroom should be welcoming for everyone in your home.

Those going for a bold look should choose a high-contract color scheme. This means you are going for colors on the opposite side of the color wheel. This will create a vibrant feeling in the bathroom and the space will have high impact. Colors such as yellow and navy are an example of a high-contract scheme. The colors are not always bright, but they certainly can be. The important thing is to have two very different colors working together.

If you prefer something a bit more subtle Brandon Crawford World Baseball Classic Jersey , consider a more monochromatic scheme. This means choosing colors that are closer together on the wheel. You might opt for violet and blue or green and blue. Some people believe this is more relaxing, but it does not have to be. For instance, red and orange are both very vibrant colors even though they are right next to each other on the wheel.

Next determine if you want a warm or cool feeling in the bathroom. A lot of people like bathrooms to feel clean and cool. They use colors like gray and blue, along with cool textures like tiles and metals to keep the space feeling clean. While this is a great idea Andrew Miller World Baseball Classic Jersey , it might not be perfect for everyone. Those who live in a cold environment or a place that has cold winters, you might prefer a warmer toned bathroom. Imagine getting up on a bitter cold, dark morning and trying to get ready in a room that feels cold and sparse. It will not be much fun. In this case, consider warm woods in deep hues of brown and colors like deep reds Andrew McCutchen World Baseball Classic Jersey , burgundy, and orange. These colors will create a warm space on the coldest day.

Finally, consider your personal style. If you are more of a subtle person and you have decorated with neutrals throughout your home, do not go overboard in the bathroom. It is a small space and ideal for taking risks Alex Bregman World Baseball Classic Jersey , but do not force yourself to be someone you are not. If you prefer subtle hues, use pops of color on a base of subtle, calm colors.
Let?s get busy doing nothing Self Help Articles | January 17, 2009

In this article Rhonda Scharf describes how much busy we are Adam Jones World Baseball Classic Jersey , and gives some ideas to be ?out-busy?. We all work hard. Statistics tell us that about two-thirds of employees eat lunch at their desk each day. You need to get a break from work during the day. Your brain needs the break from being constantly surrounded by work. Even if your conscious mind is not working, your subconscious mind still is. Do something that is relaxing for you, something that isn?t considered ?busy work.?

Let?s get busy doing nothing
Are you ?too ?busy?? It seems we are a culture of people who try to ?out-busy? each other.
?Hi Rhonda. How ?are you today??
?Busy. ?You know how it is. How about you??
?Busy busy ? it ?never stops!? And on the discussion goes.
When I was ?growing up, my brother and I attended church and Sunday school. I also attended ?Brownies or Girl Guides during the school year and in the summer I played ?competitive baseball. My brother played hockey and baseball.
That meant we ?were busy two or three days a week. All the other days were spent doing what ?kids did in the ?70s and ?80s ? hanging out and having fun.
What are kids ?doing these days? I know that the adage is to keep them busy all the time so ?you know what they?re up to. However Tyler Clippard USA Jersey , are we creating a society of kids who ?don?t know how to relax? Are we teaching busy-making habits to our children and ?further reinforcing that being busy all the time is good?
Think about your ?plans for tonight. Do you plan on sitting on your back deck with a beverage ?trying to see how many bird calls you can recognize? What about watching a ?sunset ? when was the last time you did that?
We all work ?hard. Some of us work too hard. Statistics tell us that about two-thirds of ?employees eat lunch at their desk each day. You need to get a break from work ?during the day. Even if you are on Facebook, YouTube or DealingWithDifficultPeople.org while you are eating, your brain is still at work. Get away from your desk.
I?m a ?non-smoker. Always have been. However, there is a habit that smokers have that ?we non-smokers need to learn. To take a break. Your brain needs the break from ?being constantly surrounded by work. Even if your conscious mind is not ?working Tanner Roark USA Jersey , your subconscious mind still is.
The ?BlackberryPalm Pilot may add to the problem. Turn it off. Don?t look at it ?when you get home at night. Do something that is relaxing for you, something ?that isn?t considered ?busy work.?
Here are some ?ideas to help you be ?less busy? this week:Take ?a break at lunchtime today, even if you just spend 15 minutes walking around ?your building. Six months from now, we will be willing to pay money to get to ?the climate we?re all enjoying free right now. Enjoy it. Get outside.Tonight Sam Dyson USA Jersey , ?make a point to get outside and watch the sunset. Walk around your yard, or ?your building, and look at the flowers. If they are your flowers, cut some (or ?go buy som. Cheap Nike Shoes China Cheap Jordan 4 Cheap Nike Running Shoes Cheap Air Max Light Bone Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Cheap Air Max 90 Infrared Cheap Air Max 270 Air Jordan 1 For Sale Air Max 1 Clearance Cheap NFL Jerseys China
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