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With the continuous trend of e juice premium vape brand, it's been quite hard for anybody looking for the top-notch cheap e juice. Most adored brands keep getting more expensive and you may end up spending an extra coin just to get that quality e juice you desire. Fortunately, that's not always the case, there are brands out here not only producing cheap e juice, most of them are consistently producing quality delicious flavors.
Taste varies per individual; it is necessary to note that you may dislike like what I like.
Cheap vape juice doesn't sound much appealing, but truth is, you don't have to spend much to get good quality. Below are my top picks for cheap quality brands
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1. Cloud Berry Vape
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Coming at number 10 is the cloud berry vapor. The company offers 12 distinct flavors with a variety of nicotine levels on their site. More so, they recently decreased their prices making it affordable for most than in the past. Considering the quality of their e juice, they pose very competitive prices.
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E-juice sizes; 30ml- 12.99$.
Nicotine levels- 0mg- 3mg- 6mg & 12mg.
VG/PG - Max VG, 50VG/50PG & 70VG/30PG.
2. The Sauce LA e-juice.
With different ranges of quality e-juice, sauce LA marks their spot in the market for offering best quality and cheap vape flavors. They are known for sweet, fruity beverage inspired flavors with premium mixers, but they also maintain suitable prices for vape users on budget. Options like mango tropical and caramel waffle are some of the best juice types sauce LA offer depending on what you like.
e- Juice sizes.
- 30ml-9.99$.
-60 ml-19.99$.
-120 ml-29.99$.
-240 ml-24.99$ [buy one get one free] Nicotine levels -0, 3, 6mg/ml,.
They have a fixed PG/VG level of 20/80.

3. Mr. Good Vape e juice.
Mr. Good vape never gets to disappoint, with over 3 years in the market, 2015, their flavors are still delicious as they were. Only difference is the 100 ml bottles packages, listing them among the cheapest best quality e-juice options in the market. Their production line up has substantially decreased since they were last reviewed, but the remains are really good.
e- Juice sizes.
-100 ml-19.95$ best deal for bulk purchases
Nicotine levels-0, 3, 6 mg/ml.
Have a fixed VG 70%.

4. FUGGIN Vapor.
Coming at number 6 is the FUGGIN VAPOR. They have a variety of options to select from their site as well as premium e juice brands at cheap prices. It's good to note that if not all of them, most of them have a high VG, which is quite good for PG sensitive people, or those who prefer a high VG juice.
E juice size- 120ml.24.99$.
Nicotine levels- 0, 3, 6, 12,18 mg/ml.
VG/PG Ratio - 80VG/20PG.

5. Fuzion e-juice.
Appearing on this list is the fusion e juice, much more affordable than other liquids in the market.

It's quality doesn't disappoint either, lining up a total of 26 distinct flavors, this is a much excellent offer value for money.VG/ PG ratios for basic and standard sets are 50/50, while a higher VG for a more expensive premium e-juice set.
E-juice sizes.
Basics- 30ml.8.99$.
Nicotine levels-- basic.0 to 12.
Standards.0, 3, 6, 12,24 mg/ml.
Quite a good option if looking for a cheap e-juice.

6. Broke Dick E-liquid.
Quite new to the industry, broke dick offers an impressive quality with excellent prices. In addition, they offer distinct flavor profiles, some of which are old but with a little twist making each and every one of them unique.
E-Juice size -120 ml * 2 = 22.00 [quite cheap] Nicotine levels- 0, 3, 6 mg/ml.
VG/PG Ratio- 70VG/30PG.

7. Naked 100 E-juice.
Highly ranked without considering the prices is the naked 100 e-juice. Quite a popular mixer, favorite vapor brand for most who are on budget. Packaged in 60 ml bottles with prices still remaining low. Flavors types are amazingly delicious, generally a premium brand than a discounted e liquid. It has a total of 18 e-juice line ups, Candy blends selection or a switch up to methanol option. Has a standard line of fruits combination switch and one tobacco option available. Popular selections are methanol blend, banana and cream mix pineapple and many others you could select from depending on what appeals you.
E-liquid size.
60ml -21.95$.
Nicotine levels-0, 3,6,12 mg/ml.
VG- 70%.
These levels are good enough to satisfy vapor users switching from cigarrete smoking.

8. Vista Vapors e liquid.
Among the top cheap e juice crown grabbers, vista vapors is unlike other vape companies. They have different varieties of juice flavors that are quite satisfying. Although the combination of their flavors are not quite impressive as some of the premium brands, the e-liquids cover most of flavor types and prices are substantially low. Vista vapors provide most mixing options comparing to many premium brands.
E juice size- 17ml-4.99$.
Nicotine levels- 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 9,12 and 18 mg/ml.
PG/VG- 50/50 or max VG.
Flavors available include- cinnamon roll, shamrock and strawberries among tons of other flavors.

9. Mt. Baker e-juice.
Quit a big name in vaping industry, Mt. baker vapor is a very recognized company with 70% of long term vapor users having sampled some of their flavors. A close contender to the number one spot of cheap quality e liquids thanks to its cheap price. They are excellent in terms of mixing option. The company covers candies, cereals, fruits, methanol and tobacco among tons of others. With their popular flavors being raspberries, hawk sauce and moo juice just naming a pinch of the varieties.
E-juice sizes 30ml-7.99$.
Nicotine levels-0, 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24mg/ml.
PG/VG ratios- 50/50, 70 PG, 70 VG, max VG.

10. Vape Wild e liquid.
At the top spot lies vape wild e- liquid. The cheapest and the best e-liquid in the industry. They always provide high quality flavors and excellent prices for their juice. Tend to be compared to MT bakers but they have a more dedicated quality for all their flavors. They offer quit plenty of options from mixing to nicotine levels. The company offer the most common flavor types from tobaccos, fruits, candies, desserts and methanol among tons of others.
Most popular and favorites flavors being cram bell and strawberries and more robust flavors.
E-juice sizes-- 10ml -2.99$.
Nicotine levels- 0, 1.5,3,6,9,12 mg/ml.
PG/VG -50/ 50, 65% VG, max VG.
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