Bengals have sole possession of first place in the AFC North

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The Bengals took care of business and beat the Dolphins at home on Sunday , notching a 27-17 victory that saw Cincinnati score 27 unanswered points.Meanwhile, the Steelers beat the Falcons and the Browns went to overtime with the Ravens. The score was tied 9-9 heading into overtime and it’s safe to say Bengals players were interested in the outcome of the game. Though, Marvin Lewis had no time for that.In the end, the Browns actually beat the Ravens Cincinnati Bengals T-Shirt , 12-9 and the Bengals have a bit of separation holding down first place in the AFC North.The Browns have gone to overtime three times this year and have escaped with a 1-1-1 record in overtime games.AFC North standings after Week 5:1. Bengals 4-1 (.800)2. Ravens 3-2 (.600)3. Browns 2-2-1 (.500)4. Steelers 2-2-1 (.500)The Bengals are in first place in the AFC North after five weeks of the 2018 NFL season. WHO DEY!Bengals vs. Dolphins social media reactions: Everyone went wild over Cincinnati’s win The Bengals played as well in the second half of Sunday’s 27-17 win over the Dolphins as you could hope for.After an ugly first half that saw the Dolphins go up 14-0, the Bengals battled back in the second half to secure a 27-17 win that featured 27 unanswered second-half points. It was unbelievable to watch the action unfold, especially after seeing such a miserable first half of football for Cincinnati.The reactions after the game were overwhelmingly positive. The Bengals are 4-1 with first place in the AFC North secured heading into a Week 6 matchup with the Steelers at Paul Brown Stadium. Here’s a look at the reactions from fans, players Cincinnati Bengals Hats , and the media following the Bengals’ huge win against the Dolphins. It’s safe to say, everyone is hyped up and the jungle will be rocking when the Steelers come to town.Marvin Lewis is even making jokes.Oh, and Joe Mixon is back! The starting running back finished with 93 rushing yards and 22 receiving yards as well as a touchdown catch that sparked the Bengals’ comeback.A.J. Green also made some Bengals history, as he does.Red Sox outfielder Adam Benintendi looks to be a Bengals fan. Can’t see I’m a fan of his. (Go Yankees!)Joe Mixon shared his thoughts Cincinnati Bengals Hoodie , too.Dre Kirkpatrick shared his post-game thoughts with the media.As did Andy Dalton.Michael Johnson came up HUGE in the win with a pick six.This is a really fun fact.Cody Core was active but didn’t record a catch on Sunday.Tyler Eifert was watching from home as he recovers from his season-ending ankle injury.Tell ‘em, Preston Brown!Who dey!The Bengals are 4-1... Just in case you forgot.
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