Chiefs sign swing tackle Cam Erving to contract extension

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The Kansas City Chiefs unofficially demoted offensive lineman Cam Erving to a backup swing-tackle role when they released their depth chart on Monday night; on Tuesday Dee Ford Jersey , they extended his contract.The Chiefs announced the move on their official Twitter account.Friend of the site Terez Paylor of Yahoo! Sports chimed in with contract details.Erving had been entering the final year of his deal in 2018 after the Chiefs chose not to exercise his fifth-year option back in early May.Head coach Andy Reid and the Chiefs have always been high on offensive linemen who are versatile, and during his short time with the Chiefs, Erving has at least practiced at all five positions. “Cam is very versatile,” offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy said on August 6. “He can play center, he can play guard, he can play tackle. If you ask him Authentic Mitch Morse Jersey , he can play tight end and running back as well. He also said he could throw it. He is doing a heck of a job. He is smart, he is tough, he is flexible and when you got those guys who can play any position it makes him valuable. “He brings that versatility and that helps us. Now we don’t get pigeonholed trying to play him in one spot. That helps us a great deal.”Erving was the Chiefs’ first-team left guard all training camp and preseason, but after a less-than-stellar performance, the team opted to go with Andrew Wylie as its starter.Erving, who the Chiefs traded for back in August of 2017 Youth Chris Conley Jersey , has gone on record to say that he is most comfortable playing the tackle position. Now he will be serving the Chiefs as the backup for both Eric Fisher and Mitchell Schwartz for the next couple of seasons.The Chiefs have been seeking a player to replace Zach Fulton’s since Fulton left the team this offseason to sign with the Houston Texans. From 2014 to 2017, Fulton started 40 games (including playoffs) for the Chiefs—20 at right guard, 12 at center and 18 at left guard.“I learned a lot from Zach as far as how he just played each position seamlessly,” Erving said. “That comes with time, of course. I definitely learned a lot from Zach as far as his approach to the game and how he narrowed things down and didn’t try and think about too much.”Fulton was paid for his versatility, and now Erving has been , too.Chargers back Melvin Gordon says Tyreek Hill is one of the best in the AFC West This isn’t something you see every day.When two teams are getting ready to square off in an NFL game, you don’t normally see a player from one team publish an article praising a player from the other team.It’s usually very much the other way around.But that’s exactly what happened on Friday, as San Diego Chargers running back Melvin Gordon published an article on The Players Tribune in which he identifies Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill as one of the seven best players in the AFC West.Gordon lists Hill as the sixth-best player in the division, and recalls the time Hill returned a Chargers punt 96 yards for a touchdown — he even includes video of the play — and says that in that moment, he knew Hill was “the real deal.”Gordon also lists former Chief Derrick Johnson — now with the Oakland Raiders — as the seventh-best player in the AFC.Naturally, Gordon has three fellow Chargers at the top of his list — wide receiver Keenan Allen Dustin Colquitt Jersey , defensive end Melvin Ingram and defensive back Casey Heyward.Gordon says he thinks the current Chargers team is better than it has been since he arrived.We thank you for your courtesy, Melvin.See you on Sunday.
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