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Unconsciously. As if it was a last second, reading the cute appearance of his own babble in the brain, then I had a warm and happy home, my father's relatives, and the happy boy accompanied by my mother. Perhaps it is the failure of choice, or perhaps the lack of care. My desire for the opposite sex in my youth is very strong. Now I think it is incredible. I can say that there is only a yy in my mind when I go out for a walk. I once really loved someone, and I still loved her until the moment I left the plane and took the plane. I have been alone for 13 years. When I saw her at the first class meeting, there was no other beauty in my eyes. I could only watch it silently, but after that, I secretly vowed that she must be mine Newport 100S. We used to be better. It was the happiest time of my life. Even if only one greeting was very meaningful to me, then one month, we chased each other and played. I still remember the impulse of the heartbeat when I was holding her, and I couldn��t forget the wonderful feeling of gazing at her eyes. When I broke up Online Cigarettes, I couldn��t stand the blow, just like the original beautiful country suddenly received the baptism of war Newport Cigarettes. . Soon she changed her new boyfriend, and they saw their time together all the time. They watched their faces and watched them hold hands and go home, like something stuck in my throat, but I am already contented. I can see her happy and happy Parliament Cigarettes, can see her carefree, this is the greatest pleasure of my life, maybe she does not know, every time I see her, I have a whim. I want to win her gaze, I want to see her once again and look back at the ridiculous things that I did when I was young, the boring words I said, the first one I loved.It is another year of the festival. Sitting on the bed, leaning against the wall, holding the hand of Long Yinting street and some small stall owners were selling. Their expressions had a little relaxation. I think it��s probably a holiday in the city, but from the behavior of their language, there is more helplessness. I think they probably can't go back this Spring Festival. Walking along the street, I don��t know how many people started to get up. They were three or five, and they were leaning against their luggage. Some of these big bags are snakeskin bags and some are woven bags. These people seem to be going out to escape. But I know no, they are filled with happiness in their demeanor Marlboro Red. They walked to the train station in twos and threes and wandered around to return home. Whether they earned money in the year or not, they realized their dreams Marlboro Cigarettes, but at this time they are all happy. ,happy. If you ask why this is just because of a word, then it is home.

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