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It feels like the generation of the seventies, if you are in the country, the blind date seems to be the mainstream solution for men and women, and my parents are no exception. At the beginning of the story, there is something like the memory of his wife, Mr. Sun Li��s old gentleman��s article, but in my mother��s words, she never thought about getting married after returning from Shijiazhuang That year was the New Year when my parents came back from business outside. An old man came to the house to celebrate the New Year Newport 100S. The mother was sitting in front of the stove to warm up and watched the fire stay. The old man smiled and said, "Every twenty-three, why not find a personal home." I also want to look at the outside. "Mom said. "It��s not too early, it��s time to take a look. "The old man advised, "Let's see you, you look for it, I will take a look." "Mom joked and said something. I didn't expect to say this. In a few days, I came to a skinny little young man, my dad. Guest, ask my mom, is this your brother?" It can be seen that my dad was really not tall at that time. Although my dad didn��t grow tall, but my brain was awesome, I could talk. When I sat down, my family felt good. I left an address and thought about continuing to write. At that time, writing a letter was similar to the online dating of previous years. It was very fashionable. My grandfather was the stationmaster at the post office. My dad took a bunch of thick envelopes to my mom and said that I would like to put them all. I have to finish writing. Not to mention the era when the family phone is still not popular. This letter has become a very frequent means of communication. I asked my mom what to write, she did not say it, and later said everything. When I ate the meal, I saw that only the sparrow could write. If she had a bad grade, she wrote more than her homework. This made me unable to understand the letter. But one day, my father��s letter suddenly disappeared. Broken, like a line of a kite that is far and far away, it��s gone, it��s gone. I have to write a few more, but I still wrote a few more, but I still didn��t reply. I just didn��t write it, she was boring, and she asked her not to say that she would probably guess one or two, she said, maybe It��s too urgent to go out to do business. ��Emergency, it��s too late to have a letter. "My mom replied. "It's hard to say, or do I have to ask? "Da Yu tried to say. "Don't go, no one should go." I can't afford this face. "My mother left her head and went back to the room. I didn't really ask about it. I saw that my mother had to return to Shijiazhuang immediately after the end of the year. There was no news."
However, in the last two days, the postman suddenly came to my mother and said that the letter from your letter came from Xi'an. Not to mention that my dad was very anxious to go to Xi'an that night. He was also stupid and did not call anyone. A greeting, or to Xi'an, I rushed to send a letter back. This resumed communication from Xi'an to Shijiazhuang, and Hongyan flew. This letter was a long letter, but it became a bridge Cheap Cigarettes.
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