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Every year around November, my parents will always go to Chenxi Park to go for a walk. For more than ten years, Lei has not moved. According to my mother's words: they are looking for maple leaves. The autumn colors more than ten years ago are here and now. The same is the red of the garden, the maple tree quietly in the autumn to see people coming and going, a little mature. During that time, my mother came to the park as soon as she arrived on the weekend. The fallen leaves were piled up on the road. The road was covered with rustling. She just graduated and had a blind date at home. There is no point in trying to get married. Those people are good, but they can��t say it. Grandma said that it is almost the same to find a suitable one, but my mother is somewhat paranoid at this point. She doesn't like it. She ignores it. Anyway, she is still young. What is the relationship with this maple leaf? On this day, she was consumed in the park. Some maple leaves had already withered, and they became a group. The red color was dimmed. My mother discovered that autumn was almost over. She picked up a leaf and wanted to cherish it. At this time, she saw another person who was recording the fall, a man with a camera. The man��s face was blocked by the camera. He couldn��t see clearly. He only saw people thin and smeared with a plate. At that time, the camera was still relatively small. Mother saw the man kneeling in front of the tree and concentrating very carefully Cigarettes For Sale. Can not help but watched for a while, looked at it, actually stunned God and waited for her to react again, suddenly found that the camera was facing her. She was shocked, but when she came back, she seemed to have slammed and shot. At this time the camera was put down, and a face that looked a little childish was revealed, and she grinned at her. This person is really casual. Mom began to feel ashamed and annoyed, but by this laugh, she made nothing. "Miss, your side is really beautiful. The red one of the maple leaves, people bring the feeling of autumn." I do not know when the man has run over, and praised. There are girls who don't like people to praise her. My mother listened a little happy in her heart, and carefully looked at the man's eyes. The nose was a little bigger, and the others were quite good. Mom commented in the heart, thank you. "Mom smiled sweetly. "And, I just saw you falling in the leaves, I think this piece is good. "The man took a book from his bag Cigarettes Online, "Walden Lake", opened, a very complete and delicate maple leaf sandwiched in the middle of the book. This was the one I picked earlier, when the maple leaves were the most prosperous. Can you give it to you?" The man took out the maple leaf and handed it to his mother. "This is your maple leaf. I want to be my own." Mom said. "Then I will look for you with you and find it better than this." The man said that he stooped and began to search. The two men looked for it, one afternoon. "This is a good one." When the sweaty man was holding a maple leaf like a mother, they had collected a lot of maple leaves. "Which piece is good?" Mom looked at the maple leaves and hesitated. "Take it all back first." The man suggested that the family would see me with these and definitely say me. "Mom frowned. "Then let me go first, you can come and see at any time, I will give you the photo." The man grinned again and the mother nodded in agreement. This was the first time they met. Later, they became husband and wife Parliament Cigarettes, that is, my parents. Many years later, the man smiled so brightly, only a lot of crow's feet in his eyes. He will still pick up a maple leaf for his mother. "So many maple leaves, can you see good or bad?" "I asked my mother, "As long as your dad sends it, it is all good." Mother said with a smile, and put another maple leaf into the book.

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