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The thick autumn has been scattered into Hangzhou, and the sweet-scented osmanthus has been full of fragrance. On this day, I traveled back and stood in the window, a burst of fragrance came, and suddenly I was clear-eyed. I didn��t naturally look down the window sill with the aroma. I suddenly understood: It��s sweet-scented osmanthus. Although the aroma is not strong, it is refreshing and makes people feel comfortable. The fatigue of travel is left behind. It should be a winning flower now! The osmanthus full of trees is like a golden star hanging on a branch. They are clumps, clusters, and a ball of ball blooms in front of our eyes. The fragrance is a little bit, and it penetrates the tip of the nose. These sweet-scented osmanthus trees are crowded together on the branches, such as golden grain covered with branches. They seem to be chatting Parliament Cigarettes, hot, interspersed with green leaves like the bodyguards of sweet-scented osmanthus, tightly standing around the flowers. However, because the branches were too crowded, many of the "brothers and sisters" of sweet-scented osmanthus were blown by the wind. When they did not stand firm, they squeezed the branches and "flyed" to the embrace of the earth. In this way, a golden carpet was formed on the ground, and these sweet-scented osmanthus were still so bright and eye-catching. what! A golden feminine. I couldn't help but ran out of the door and came under the tree. The aroma of the attacking man came from me. I can see clearly: Osmanthus has four petals, and these ant-sized petals are full of water and golden golden. What is this twig? I am a little confused. Looking down the trunk, I found that this osmanthus tree has three trunks. These three trunks start from the same "location" and slowly "stretch" around the sky Cigarettes Online... I am covered with aroma, soaking In this fragrance, the beautiful sweet-scented osmanthus has been around every year. The aroma of sweet-scented osmanthus floats every year Marlboro Lights. I hope that the autumn of the year will be intoxicated by sweet-scented osmanthus.
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