The rain has been going

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The rain has been going on for seven consecutive days, but it still has no meaning to stop. I seem to have lost the same color as this gloomy weather. The window is also dead, but the younger brother around him is having fun Newport 100S, as if the weather does not affect him. I sighed and looked out the window. In the yard, the bright and colorful flowers and the graceful trees that were originally in the sun became inactive because of the excessive rain Marlboro Gold. Rainy days are like a heavy black cloth, and it feels like you can't breathe. There seemed to be a black shadow in the eyes, I looked up and found it was awkward. "It should be a butterfly!" I thought, suddenly my heart suddenly seemed like a match, let me mention some interest. I looked at it and tore it a little bit, thinking about how beautiful this butterfly is. But when I saw it slowly drilled out, the match in my heart was like being poured through a basin of cold water. It is not a touch of bright, gray body Cigarettes For Sale. "Moths! It's really a good time!" I sighed. The butterfly is annoying when it is still a caterpillar, but when it becomes a butterfly, it is praised by others, can it be a moth? It is not as bright as a butterfly, and it looks ugly and is not liked. "Sister, what is this? It's disgusting!" I don't know when the younger brother stood in the chair and squatted by the window. I stopped his unscrupulous hand reaching for the moth. "Don't mess, wait for it to fly." I am not sure about the child who just turned five. The two of us watched the moth trying to fly out the window, but they were all blocked by the rain... When I thought it would give up, it tried to prop up the wings, through the rain, and to the balcony. Listening to the laughter and applause from my brother, I feel very guilty. The moth passed through a distance of more than ten meters in the rain and reached the place where it wanted to go. In contrast, some things did not even try, but still denied others. As a "person" even a moth is not as good as the rain is still down, but I feel the world more colors. People's growth is not necessarily in the classroom, but also in some small details of life to get knowledge, which translates into a growing "nutrient"
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