In the long river of my

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In the long river of my memory, there are many dear and respectable people, one of whom is kind and happy to help others to let me remember clearly.n I was 9 years old, I met the old grandmother Buy Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. She made me understand what is really helpful. One day I ran to the football field and kicked the ball. The time passed by Newport Cigarettes Carton Wholesale, and at 12 o'clock my stomach was screaming. I went to an alley and groaned in the alley. Suddenly a bus stopped in front of me and I went up. "Ah! Why is there no place?" I said to myself. The car started, because my stature was too small to reach the armrests on the car, only shaking in the car Buy Wholesale Cigarettes. Suddenly the car stopped and I fell to the ground. There was a pair of old hands that gently picked me up. I looked back and saw that it was a grandmother! The grandmother said to me: "Children, hurt it? My position is for you to sit." I sat in a chair and looked at my grandmother, and my grandmother looked at me and smiled. Her smile calmed my restless heart. I sat quietly in the chair Cheap Newport 100S Cigarettes Online, something that I didn't expect was actually happening. The most annoying thing about me is that the bus went downhill to a 90-degree downhill. I started dizzy and finally spit out some breakfast residues in the morning. Everyone licked their noses, and the compartment was filled with stench. The grandmother came over and handed me a bottle of milk and said to me, "Children, let's drink!" After she finished cleaning the car...andma got off the bus, I hope that the back of her far away is a kind of admiration, but I am looking forward to seeing the old grandmother and saying to her grandmother: "Thank you!"e phrase "cross-browed cold to a thousand fingers, bowed to the head is a scorpion cow" is from the self-deprecating of Mr. Lu Xun, and is also a true portrayal of his life. Today Newport 100S Carton Price, we finished the fifth set of texts about Mr. Lu Xun, which gave me a deeper understanding of him.Xun was formerly known as Zhou Shuren, the word Yucai, a native of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. He published the first vernacular novel in Chinese modern history, "The Madman's Diary." He was named a great writer, thinker, and revolutionary by Chairman Mao.Lu Xun is such a person. He used his pen as a weapon in his life and fought for a lifetime. Throughout his life, he has written countless literary works. They are like a bomb, exploding and burning in the reactionary forces. Mr. Lu Xun is not afraid of setbacks and struggles with reactionary forces. Mr. Lu Xun is such an admirable person Lu Xun is such a person. He used his pen as a tool throughout his life to work for a lifetime. In the middle of the night, most people have fallen asleep. Mr. Lu Xun is in the cold of the night, writing a letter encouraging young writers in the faint light. Mr. Lu Xun is such a person to be missed.un is such a person. He is not afraid of the reactionary forces. He tries his best to fight against them. In the face of positive young people, he is very gentle and tries his best to help them. I think this is "the crossbrows are cold and the fingers are pointing." The meaning of being a scorpion cow!
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