On the morning of

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On the morning of Tuesday, I felt uncomfortable. Suddenly, my eyes were black and I fainted. Stupid, I think someone helped me to the bench, then someone called me, I opened my mouth, but couldn't make a sound, just felt numb, and my hands and feet could not move.ter a while, I opened my eyes effortlessly and saw Li Yingshu and Wang Ningning standing there, looking at me anxiously, seeing that I woke up, and said with concern: "You finally woke up, are you better? You can Frightened us."this time the school doctor rushed in, she asked me how? What is the feeling for her. I think my chest is very stuffy and painful, but I can't make a sound in my throat. I rushed to cry, the school doctor said: "It doesn't matter, don't cry, be strong."e teacher rushed around and suddenly remembered the phone number of my family and hurriedly called my family. Listening to the teacher's anxious voice, tears flowed down. I can't help myself in my heart: "How come you are so disappointing?"r a while, my father came in a panting breath. Looking at my father's anger, the tears of disappointment flowed down again. Dad called the uncle and asked him to pick me up Cheap Newport Cigarettes Cartons Online. is about to carry me down the stairs, the school doctor hurriedly said: "She can't carry it at this time, can only hold away." Dad had to hold me. I think my father's heart is not good. At this time, he is nervous and tired. He must not be able to withstand such pressure, but he ignores his body and hurriesly takes me from the fourth floor to the first floor. When I got downstairs, my father was so tired that I was so tired that my father was worried that I was cold, and I took me to the guard room, holding my hand and waiting anxiously.en the car came, Dad repeatedly stayed with the teacher and the school doctor, but the teacher said: "The student is fainted at school, we have to be responsible Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes." Soon after I came to the hospital, my father took me to the emergency room. The doctor gave me a detailed examination and finally said: "The child has nothing to do Cigarettes Wholesale Online, but he didn't eat well in the morning. When he got to the fourth class, he was fainted when he was too tired."d took me to the inpatient department to take a drip. I felt very thirsty. The teacher asked the doctor if he could drink water. The doctor said yes, the teacher bought me a bottle of water Free Carton Of Newports. The school doctor said with concern Newport Short Cigarettes, he must have breakfast in the future. The teacher and the school doctor left until the needle was tied. Just out of the hospital, the teacher called her mother, so let her mother not worry.rom this illness, I deeply felt the care of the teacher, the love of my father, and the concern of my classmates. All of this made me deeply moved. I used to live in a world full of love. For this love, I have to study hard and live up to their expectations.
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