his is a story about a little

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his is a story about a little puppet--the old carpenter Zepede carved a piece of wood that can cry and laugh, and made the puppet who made life a son. The old carpenter sold the coat for the puppet to go to school, and the little puppet was eager to play. He changed the textbook bought by Dad to the theater ticket and went to the theater. The little puppet who left the school and met the talking baboons, fairies, shark snakes, small wicks... There have been many interesting stories. He lied in front of the little fairy, and as a result, the nose suddenly grew several times, and even the door could not go out. Finally, he fell into the belly of a large whale and accidentally met the old carpenter Pippano. Since then, the little puppet has gone to work every day, and he has time to make baskets and read and write at night. Finally, I finally became a good boy who is honest, obedient, and loves to learn and help parents. After all kinds of experiences, the little puppet finally grew up. He became honest, hardworking and kind, and became a real boy.ugh most of this story is about the process of encountering setbacks for small puppets, which readers can think of this story contains a lot of love. The little puppet has no textbooks, and the old carpenter sells his shirt for the little puppet to go to school. Even though he is cold, he must use the greatest strength to bring the little puppet happiness, what a great fatherly love. And the growth experience of the little puppet tells us that only honesty can gain trust Newport Cartons For Sale. If you keep lying, others will lose confidence in you and you will lose friends.er reading this book, I have benefited a lot. From the book, I know that being a man must be honest, kind, strong, and brave. The most important thing is to know how to be grateful to parents and filial parents. After growing up, they should repay their kindness. When I was reading in the library, I stumbled upon a book, "Education of Love," and I saw the title of the book, which made me fall into meditation. What is love in this wonderful and colorful world? It is like air Super Cheap Cigarette, it is around us every day, but because it is invisible, it is often easily overlooked by us. But we can't lack it in our lives, and its meaning has been integrated into our lives. With this question, I traveled with an Italian schoolboy to find an unknown answer.book "Love of Education" shows the care of the students in the school and the family, the care of the students in the school and the family Marlboro Wholesale Cigarettes, and the care of our parents, brothers and sisters.text of "Education of Love" is simple and simple, and it is also a very ordinary figure, but it reveals the sincere emotion between people, which makes people feel moved. In particular, the story of Ma Keer Wanli��s mother. After Mark's mother wrote that she was unwell, she lost contact with her family. Marquel decided not to find a mother because she could not receive her mother's letter. Her father also believed that his son would succeed. In the journey of finding a mother in the world, Marque has gone through all the hardships and tasted the ups and downs of life. With his unremitting efforts and the help of good people, he finally found a mother who was dying of illness...g here, I can't help but be moved by Marque's love. I think, "What is love?" There is no clear answer, but I know that "love" has no boundaries, and there is one in everyone's mind. A pure love, a friendly conversation between the students, a teacher's encouragement to the students, a parent's care for the children, and even a smile between the people, is a sign of love... Love is always on our lips Buy Newport Online. Words, sometimes, we often ignore the love of people around us Cheap Cigarettes Usa Free Shipping. Love is selfless, love is broad, and only when you live in the ocean of love will you enjoy love. When I read the book "Love Education", I really realized the realm of love.
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