Transportation of furniture

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Why is this service so important?

This service provides the time spent in the process of transporting traditional furniture, which strengthens the customer's feeling of psychological comfort and reassurance.
The lifting of the furniture by the winch guarantees him protection and safety from all unexpected incidents.
The process of moving traditional furniture is facing a major crisis if there is a ladder or entrance to a narrow building that makes the use of the winch inevitable.
The process of moving furniture from or to high floors without an elevator is drastically damaged and in this case the winch becomes the only savior.
Steps to move furniture by a winch

You should first move to the place where the furniturewill be moved from and where you will go to the client's property in order to inspect them and choose the appropriate winch in the transport process. Or to save time and effort it is possible to inform the company of the specifications of the house and furniture by telephone.
A large number of workers participate in carrying furniture pieces and placing them on the winches.
The furniture shall be raised by labor in the case of the use of a hand winch with strong ropes. If, by means of an electric winch, a supervisor or two supervises the operation of the operation to ensure the safety and safety of objects transferred by it.
The movables are carefully inserted into the housing, ensuring that there is no scratch, break or damage.
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