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UNITED NATIONS, Dec. 13 (Xinhua) -- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday asked for an expansion of the annual funding target of the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) to 1 billion U.S. dollars by 2018.

Addressing the CERF's annual high-level pledging conference at UN Headquarters in New York, Ban said that "today, the humanitarian landscape in which the CERF operates is vastly different than a decade ago. The scale of humanitarian deprivation is greater than at any time since the United Nations was founded."

"A one-billion-dollar CERF means tens of millions more people will receive timely life-saving food, medicine, water, shelter and protection when and where they need it most," he said.

"But, let us also recognize that a one-billion-dollar CERF is a bare minimum for the world we live in," he said.

"And let us not succumb to so-called donor fatigue," the secretary-general said. "The world has the wealth to come to the aid of every single person in dire straits."

The CERF was designed to provide fast and predictable funding to people affected by conflicts and crises, no matter where they were.

Global humanitarian needs have quadrupled since the CERF was founded in 2006, but CERF's annual funding target of 450 million dollars have remained unchanged over the past decade.

A record 130 million people need humanitarian assistance to survive, Ban said. "Together, they would form the tenth most populous nation on earth."

Sixty-five million men, women and children have been forced to flee their countries as a result of armed conflict, instability and persecution, he noted, adding that almost 5 million are from Syria.

At the same time, 40 million people are displaced within their own countries, he said.

"So let us get our funding priorities straight, and put the most vulnerable first," he said, adding that humanitarian needs now stand at a record 22.2 billion dollars.

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HANGZHOU Cheap Mens Vapormax , Southeast China, Nov. 5 (Xinhua) -- China's Olympic and world swimming champion Sun Yang has received an indefinite ban from competition following his seven-day detention for driving without a license.

In the latest negative incident, the double Olympic champion was found driving without a license when Hangzhou police dealt with a car accident in which Sun's car was hit from behind by a bus on Sunday afternoon.

On Monday, Sun was fined for 2 Cheap Womens Vapormax ,000 yuan (about 328 U.S. dollars) and given a seven-day detention for breaking the law.

Meanwhile, the Zhejiang College of Sports, to which the first Chinese male Olympic swimming champion is affiliated, suspended Sun from competition.

"First of all Cheap Vapormax , he should thoroughly reflect of what he has done. Then he will have to resume systematic training. Only after a long period of training during which he can abide by the rules, can we consider to reinstate him," said Zhang Yadong, vice president of the college.

Zhang compared Sun's punishment to that of winter Olympic titlist Wang Meng Cheap Nike Vapormax Canada , who was banned for 400 days for hitting a team official.

"The punishment is severe but we are doing this for his own good," added Zhang. "We hope he can always be the hero of Chinese sports instead of a sinner."

Sun, turning 22 next month, has kept hitting negative headline coverage since his coming back from London where he triumphed in the 1 Cheap Nike Vapormax Shoes ,500- and 400-meter freestyle last year.

Sun was previously embroiled in controversy after his long-time coach Zhu Zhigen told him to stop his relationship with a stewardess. The two fell out over the issue, and Sun was accused of lacking respect for his mentor.

Olympic champ Sun Yang to be detained for 7 days for driving without license

HANGZHOU, Southeast China, Nov. 4 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Olympic swimming champion Sun Yang will be detained for seven days after local police found him driving without license in a car accident.

Sun was also fined for an undisclosed sum Cheap Nike Vapormax White , Hangzhou police said on Monday. Full story

Olympic champ Sun Yang draws unwanted attention, again
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