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Event technology has gained popularity amongst event planners over the last decade or more. Today Matt Gay Buccaneers Jersey , every organizer uses technology in some form or the other whether it is a registration software, mobile app or survey tools 鈥?to achieve their goals and prove their event ROI. Using point solutions can be great to improve one aspect of event planning, but sometimes a comprehensive platform is required to enhance the overall marketing efforts. That is why event management software providers like Eventdex have become popular to increase leads to events and trade shows.

Eventdex is not only an event management tool but an app that can be operated from a device as simple as a mobile phone!

Let us look at some of the ways this event registration app can help exhibitors and planners to increase leads and create bespoke attendee experience. With pressure to increase ROI Anthony Nelson Buccaneers Jersey , improve lead generation and customer experiences within limited budgets, trade show technology is no longer just for big-budget exhibitors. It is an unsaid truth that attendees, exhibitors Mike Edwards Buccaneers Jersey , and planners all expect trade show technologies at events.

Pre-Show Event Marketing

With the suite of solutions provided by Eventdex, planners can improve their pre-show marketing to boost attendance and reduce no-shows. The event registration software offers a great way to create a registration page and send invites to prospects. What more, the automated solution gives planners a clear picture of who has registered and who hasn . This way you can send reminder emails and maximize registration.

You can also leverage social media sites Jamel Dean Buccaneers Jersey , which are integrated with the Eventdex solution to increase trade show leads. Incentivize your registrants to share your event on social media to create a pre-event buzz. Pre-show marketing will help you drive pre-qualified booth traffic and set appointments.

Quality Leads On The Day Of The Event

Now that you e increased the number of people attending your event, the D-day is your chance to generate quality leads at trade shows by using event mobile apps and business matchmaking apps. With mobile apps, you can create a community of attendees that will be engaged before Sean Bunting Buccaneers Jersey , during and even after your event is over.

Mobile Apps

A mobile event app provides a powerful mechanism to keep attendees updated with the latest information on the event. It helps you distribute event content electronically, thereby saving event costs. Equipped with reporting tools, it also gives you insights into popular sessions and speakers. It helps planners conduct live polling and collect feedback from attendees to understand their needs better. The event mobile app gives the exhibitors and sponsors an opportunity to advertise their booth. This helps in connecting with prospects and vendors more effectively.

On-Site Check-In and Badging

The sophisticated checking and badging technology of Eventdex come with a chic and customizable lead tracking software that can streamline lead follow-ups. So while you reduce the queues at the registration desk Devin White Buccaneers Jersey , you also get real-time insights into your lead movement on the trade show floor. Our ScanAttendee helps you to scan the leads at the event almost immediately and print badges of only those people who turn up at events. It not only makes you look professional but also saves you from sleepless nights spent on pre-printing badges and sorting them.
Eventdex also provides lead retrieval apps, which allows exhibitors to quickly retrieve leads and sync them to their CRM system. This way, they save a ton of time and become more productive and efficient.

Business Matchmaking

While most marketers would agree that trade show is a great way to generate quality leads O. J. Howard Buccaneers Jersey , driving conversations that ultimately results in conversions still remain a challenge. But this can easily be overcome with Eventdex business matchmaking apps. MatchLeads by Eventdex is a great way to connect exhibitors with attendees or buyers with sellers, depending upon the type of trade show.

With MatchLeads, exhibitors and attendees can schedule meetings before the event starts and save time. By setting meetings based on common business interest Vita Vea Buccaneers Jersey , MatchLeads enhances the overall event experience. Business matchmaking apps not only save the time wasted in finding the right buyer and seller but it also drives meaningful conversations. Exhibitors can take notes from the meeting and follow up with their leads almost immediately.

Post-show outreach

With event registration software, you can do an effective follow up with attendees based on your discussions on the event floor. You can send feedback on the event and analyze the responses to create even better events. With an effective post-show outreach program, you will be able to fuel your sales pipeline and close more deals in a shorter span of time.

If you are using point solutions or planning events without any solution Mike Evans Buccaneers Jersey , then this is the time to consider new options and explore how modern event planning works. You can leverage this technology to generate more leads at events and create the last experience for your attendees. Eventdex can help you meet your event goals, boost ROI and enhance the customer experience!!

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