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TEHRAN Jon Gray Womens Jersey , Dec. 17 (Xinhua) -- Iran's Sepahan soccer club has announced the signing of Indonesian-Dutch striker Sergio van Dijk, Tehran Times daily reported on Tuesady.

After successfully undergoing a medical test, the 31-year-old player has signed an 18-month deal with Iranian Sepahan for an undisclosed fee Jake McGee Womens Jersey , said the report.

""Sergio van Dijk is a dangerous player and I'm sure he will be successful here. We want to sign a Brazilian player as well and I think these (two) players will help us,"" said Sepahan coach Zlatko Kranjca.

Van Dijk started his professional career at local club LTC in Assen then joined Groningen, Helmond Sport Chad Bettis Womens Jersey , Emmen, Brisbane Roar, Adelaide United and Persib Bandung.

Sixth-place Sepahan is six points behind Iranian football leader Persepolis.


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