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LOS ANGELES Cheap C.J. Mosley Jersey , Dec. 7 (Xinhua) -- "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part 1" is on track to become the second-highest-grossing movie of the year, as it topped the North American box office for the third consecutive weekend.

Starring Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, the film, the penultimate chapter of an enormously successful dystopian movie series from Lionsgate, earned an estimated 21.6 million U.S. dollars in its third week of release.

The movie has grossed over 257 million dollars in North America Cheap Joe Flacco Jersey , only a few million dollars shy of replacing "Captain American: The Winter Soldier" as the second-highest-grossing movie in 2014.

So far in 2014, the most commercially successful movie in North America is "Guardians of the Galaxy", which has earned 331 million dollars.

"Penguins of Madagascar", a 3D animated feature from DreamWorks, came the second in the North American box office last weekend Cheap Lamar Jackson Jersey , with an estimated gross of 11.1 million dollars.

"Horrible Bosses 2" from Warner Bros. was in the third place with 8.6 million dollars.

Without a single new nationwide release, the box office took an over 50 percent dive from the previous weekend. The top 12 movies on the box-office list earned an estimated 70.4 million dollars, which is essentially tied for the second-worst weekend of the year.

Popular movies in the United States and Canada last weekend also included "Big Hero 6" (8.1 million dollars), "Interstellar" (8 million), "Dumb And Dumber To" (4.2 million) Baltimore Ravens Jerseys For Sale , "The Theory Of Everything" (2.7 million), "Gone Girl" (1.5 million), "The Pyramid" (1.4 million) and "Birdman" (1.2 million).

There are a number of reasons behind automating your prospecting process if you are developing your Multi-level Marketing downline on the internet. Much of this might be self-explanatory, but this could show why building a MLM organisation using the Internet might be preferred, even if your mentor is encouraging you to stick with the traditional methods!

I am confident it comes as no shock that it is not possible to automate your pipeline if you decide the traditional methods of Multi-level Marketing Ravens Jerseys For Sale , as your own interaction is required with every individual that you speak to. However, it is still necessary to implement a structured process that you follow with every contact.

By systemising your web based prospecting pipeline, you are able to offset your own input by using leverage. There is no need to call your prospects, or try to encourage them to read your material, as long as you drive targeted traffic to your site Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jerseys , or landing page. On your landing page, visitors can be given the option to opt-in to your email auto-responder and the emails you have compiled will be delivered by email, automatically.

Building your team in this way frees up your time, enabling you to focus on building a relationship with your most intrigued leads. You should have already offered value to all of your contacts using your auto-responder emails and it is likely that many of these leads will wish to contact you to find out all about what you can offer.

Your pipeline might take a bit of commitment to initiate, but after it is up and working you can concentrate on responding to all the direct messages from your hottest leads. It is said that in Multi Level Marketing ‘the fortune is in the follow up’ and your automated system will continue following up with each prospect until they are ready to make a decision. The most fulfilling part is that you wont have to open yourself to rejection from leads who are not interested Cheap Ravens Jerseys , as the interested prospects will contact you!

The primary role that will take up some of your time is web promotion of your lead capture page. As the extent of your marketing defines how many prospects you have going in to your process, it should be something that you obsess over, throughout your future as an online Network Marketer! There are numerous ways to generate traffic to your web site, from classified ads to search engine optimisation (SEO), so develop your automated system and spend your time productively by educating yourself how to generate traffic on the internet.

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