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KIGALI, Aug. 25 (Xinhua) -- Lack of coherent national innovation policies have been identified as threats towards achieving social and economic transformation in Africa, according to scientists.

Science and technology experts attending an ongoing regional science and technology meeting in the Rwandan capital Kigali said that Africa is lacking innovative policies to increase the prosperity of Africans by catalyzing the innovation spirit on the continent.

The meeting, the first of its kind, has brought together scientists, scholars, international research partners, policymakers and entrepreneurs as well as civil society from Africa and beyond to develop a guiding framework for the development and application of science, technology and innovation to accelerate the socio-economic development in the region.

"Africa has fallen behind the rest of the world's economies because of poor innovation policies, lack of research and poor government regulatory policies to accelerate innovation among young Africans. We want to see needs-based innovation and change happen. We shouldn't wait for innovative ideas to come from outside Africa," said Prof George Ekosse, Director of Research and Innovation, University of Venda, South Africa.

He added Africa is still deeply underperforming in core areas that will redesign its economy and make it more sustainable.

According to Prof. Emilia Afonso Nhalevilo, vice-president of Africa engagement at Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association, innovation in Africa remains challenged by lack of access to capital, poor regulation on property rights, poor technical manpower, and inadequate infrastructure.

"Africa's reliance on commodities remains its weakest link, causing cyclical trade shocks which have hindered economic growth on the continent. African nations need to make technology and innovation a strategic priority in order to liberate the continent from the oppressive dominance of globalization," he noted.

The meeting also highlighted a number of critical challenges facing the development of science and technology in Africa, such as low science and technology capacity, low investment in research, poor infrastructural development and a lack of access to helpful scientific ideas. Enditem

When it comes to hunting for Austin apartments Authentic Sam Darnold Jersey , safety must be your main priority. Once you come from a different city or state, it’s hard to gauge in what way safe your apartment potential customer is. Without having experienced basically the city, you don’t exactly possess information and newsfeeds about what neighborhoods do burglaries Joe Namath Jersey , muggings, crimes along with other hazards are very very rampant. Hence, to assist you to safe Austin apartments ArDarius Stewart Jersey , below are some tips that you can follow.
One of the things you’re able to do is to look ” up ” community information from state sites. There are direct agencies that tackle info about Public Safety and The legal Community. From there, you?re able to obtain FBI reports and statistics connected with crime, drugs and even consumer fraud in the desired apartment neighborhood. You should also check out natural hazards close to you like fires and floods. What.s surprising is there exists also sources of community specifics of common diseases found inside your apartment district. Moreover Marcus Maye Jersey , there are sources for maps and facts in terms of air, water and energy efficiency as area that you’ll additionally find.
Another thing you can do to check out the safety with the apartment neighborhood is for you to conduct a drive via during nighttime. You can check whether the streets in the region are well-lighted especially if it will require you to walk home on the transport station to your apartment in the evening. Preferably, conduct your inspection regarding two different occasions – a weekday along with a weekend night. Observe if you see many individuals hanging out in the streets or exist lots of noise which you can hear. It’s important to get a feel of the neighborhood so you’re free to choose a place you won’t fear going your home late from work.
Aside from checking out the safety in the neighborhood Trenton Cannon Jersey , it’s also critical to inspect the security proposed by the apartment complex. The areas on the parking lot, laundry room, entrance halls Chris Herndon Jersey , hallways and walkways should really be well-lighted. The doors of apartment must have any peephole viewer and at least two sturdy locking systems. Windows should be reinforced with locks additionally. Inside your unit, there ought to be smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and water sprinkler systems with a fire. Emergency exits must be in good working ailment Leonard Williams Jersey , too.
Among the best carry out if circumstances allow it will be to ask current residents of the apartment complex. Tenants living there are likely to be honest about what they will say about the safety belonging to the place. If they own safety concerns, they will inform you of it so that you being a prospective client can speech out these concerns in their landlord. The manager of the apartment complex will put out some changes so that they can lure new tenants around.

There are lots to consider when choosing an Austin apartments. You should check if all the facilities you need are near to your place.

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