As the NFL playoffs are about to get underway for 12 teams

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Welcome to 2018 Foster Moreau Jersey , a year that begins with the Cleveland Browns coming off an 0-16 season and a year that could very well end with the same result. the other 20 are beginning offseason preparations and today, we're going to join them because no one cares about the teams headed for a Super Bowl berth. We care about who is going to get traded and cut this offseason before joining their rival, James Harrison style.Today, let's look at five quarterbacks Joey Bosa Jersey , running backs, and wide receivers who, for one reason or another, aren't going to be starters for their team next season. Some may be retiring, others may be hitting the free agent market Tony Pollard Jersey , and there's even a player or two who could just be benched for inconsistency. To make things more interesting, each of the replacements are players eligible for this year's NFL Draft. I know how fun it is to play free agent matchmaker, but consider this almost like an NFL mock draft where we analyze who would make sense in places that aren't just the first-round.So if you're ready to still play matchmaker, let's get to work! FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) — The New York Jets have signed quarterback Brandon Silvers Noah Fant Jersey , a former Troy University star who had been playing in the now-suspended Alliance of American Football.Silvers threw for 777 yards, four touchdowns and one interception in three starts for the Memphis Express, including leading them to a 31-25 victory over Birmingham on March 24 in the only overtime game in AAF history.The 24-year-old quarterback went undrafted last year after finishing his four-year career at Troy with 10,677 yards passing — second in school history — 71 touchdowns and 29 interceptions. His 70.5 percent completion rate in 2014 broke the NCAA record for a freshman, previously set by Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford (69.5 in 2007.Silvers participated in New Orleans’ rookie minicamp Dalton Risner Jersey , but was not signed by the Saints.He joins a Jets quarterbacks room that includes starter Sam Darnold, who’s entering his second season, veteran Trevor Siemian and Davis Webb.
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