Many a time a team has picked the wrong guy and that makes

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Usually Kyler Murray Jersey , the big mistakes for NFL teams revolve around the draft. them suffer over the years. However, trades can be just as damaging to a team. Too often, they make the mistake of thinking one guy can be worth a lot and it costs them big time. The best example is the Minnesota Vikings giving away slews of draft picks to the Dallas Cowboys to get Herschel Walker. Walker failed in Minnesota while the Cowboys used the picks to build the team that won three Super Bowls. Atlanta Falcons fans still grouse over the team giving Brett Favre to the Packers. Trades are done a lot on draft day and quite often can go quite badly.Many in history are notable but there are a few from the last 16 years that also stand out. In some cases, it’s grabbing someone they think will be a star who doesn’t work out that way. In other cases Byron Murphy Jersey , it’s giving away a guy who turns out to be a fantastic star with another team. Too many teams have made the mistake of a trade that looked great only to fall apart big time. That’s especially true on draft day when they make deals to move up that blow up in their face. Here is each team’s worst trade since 2000 and show how the NFL is as prone to these mistakes as in any sport. METIAIRIE, La. (AP) — New Orleans Saints veteran tight end Ben Watson announced on Thursday that he’s retiring after this season.Watson turned 38 this month and is in his 14th NFL season out of Georgia.“I knew coming into this year that it probably would be the last year,” Watson said. “Our approach was as a family we were fortunate to come and play for another year, but you kind of know. You hope you get to exit on your own terms.“You hope you get to exit with a great win. And it’s been great to be a part of this team and have this sort of winning at this point of my career.”His initial announcement came through an NFL Films video about his family that was posted on Thursday. Watson also confirmed his decision with reporters after Thursday’s practice.“The injuries add up Andy Isabella Jersey , the body struggles more and more. And it becomes evident that it’s time,” Watson said. “It’s always a very hard thing.”Watson has caught 33 passes for 371 yards and two touchdowns this season, helping the Saints capture the top playoff seed in the NFC.After one of his touchdowns, Watson Zach Allen Jersey , a father of five, celebrated by holding up seven fingers, signaling that twins were on the way.Watson began his NFL career with New England in 2004 and also has played for Cleveland and Baltimore. He has 5,856 yards and 44 TDs receiving in his career.But Watson said he hoped his legacy as a player would be more about the way he has conducted himself on and off the field.“I want my legacy to be somebody who loved his wife and somebody who loved his kids and tried to lead his family Hakeem Butler Jersey , and encouraged other guys that they have what it takes to be the men that they’re called to be,” Watson said.“And I want to be somebody that was reliable, that a coach could count on. A guy that when you put him out there, he did his job Chris Lindstrom Jersey , whether it was with flash or without flash, he could be reliable and dependable on the field.”
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