The Patriots are turning the Jimmy Garoppolo trade into quite

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New England traded Garoppolo to San Francisco during the 2017 season for the 49ers’ 2018 second-round draft pick. That pick turned out to be the 43rd overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft. But the Patriots didn’t use it. Instead Drew Lock Jersey , they traded it for two picks — and then traded those two picks for more picks, and kept making more trades until the point when they’ve drafted six players with picks that came completely or in part from the 49ers’ second-rounder. And they’re still not done.As noted by, the Patriots’ moves after the Garoppolo trade have been extraordinary:They traded the 49ers’ pick last year to the Lions for the 51st and 117th overall picks.They traded the 51st overall pick to the Bears for the 105th overall pick, plus the Bears’ 2019 second-round pick.They traded the 105th overall pick to Cleveland for the 114th and 178th overall pick.They traded the 114th overall pick to Detroit for the Lions’ 2019 third-round pick.With the 178th overall pick they drafted Christian Sam.With the 117th overall pick they traded up from their own second-round pick to draft Duke Dawson.With that 2019 second-round they got from the Bears, the Patriots combined it with another pick to move up this year and draft Joejuan Williams.With the 2019 third-round pick they got from the Lions, the Patriots made another trade with the Bears, this time getting the 87th and 162nd overall picks, as well as the Bears’ 2020 fourth-round pick.They used the 87th pick on Damien Harris and packaged the 162nd pick with a third-round pick to get two other picks that they used on Yodny Cajuste and Jarrett Stidham.So the Patriots got Christian Sam and Damien Harris out of the Garoppolo trade, plus picks that were partially responsible for trades that got them Duke Johnson, Joejuan Williams, Yodny Cajuste and Jarrett Stidham, and they still have the Bears’ 2020 fourth-round pick. That’s a mighty big return for the Patriots. WHO: Los Angeles Rams vs New England PatriotsWHAT: Super Bowl LIIIWHERE: Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta , GeorgiaWHEN: Sunday, February 3Then comes the HOW…When the Rams and Pats pour out of the tunnels onto the artificial turf in Atlanta Sunday, 17 years to the day since they first met in SB XXXVI, history will be made. Regardless who ends up lifting the Lombardi, records will be set, dynasties will be created (or extended) and conversations over who is (or could be) the greatest of all-time will ensue. Here is a glimpse of the biggest things you need to know as you sit down in front of a sombrero-sized 7-layer dip.Boy wonderRams head coach Sean McVay turned 33-years-old just days after winning the NFC Championship, making him the youngest coach in NFL history to lead his team to a Super Bowl appearance. While history dictates the NFL as a “copycat league,” McVay and the Rams have flipped that preconceived notion on its head over the past two seasons. After taking control of the franchise as a 31-year-old with an offensive background, McVay turned a 4-12 Rams team into back-to-back NFC West champions while demonstrating he is one of the most brilliant minds in the game.Could they really do it again?In their 19th year together, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady look to complete a task never accomplished in modern NFL history: win six Super Bowls together. Looking to avenge last year’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, the duo have now reached the season’s final game four of the last five years and for the ninth time overall in their partnership. In pro football history, only Vince Lombardi-Bart Starr (7) and Paul Brown-Otto Graham (7) have combined for more league championships T.J. Hockenson Jersey , but neither have done so since the 1970 merger.Age is nothing but a numberWhile saying McVay is only 33 may turn some eyes, without proper reference, it doesn’t truly do the trick. For example, his counterpart Belichick is 66-years-old. Yup, twice his age. Belichick, widely viewed as one of the best coaches in NFL– nay, sports– history did not reach his first Super Bowl as a head coach until age 49.The quarterback situation provides similar opportunities to be mind blown. Brady, 41, is not only eight years older than McVay, but 17 years older than Rams QB Jared Goff. Like Goff, the five-time champion Brady was 24 when playing in his first Super Bowl (in which he defeated the St. Louis Rams and future Hall of Famer Kurt Warner, who was nearly a decade his elder). Could history flip itself?Running (?) backsDespite missing the final two games of the regular season Zach Brown Jersey , Rams running back Todd Gurley finished the year leading the League in touchdowns (21), but went virtually unnoticed in the NFC Championship. Coming off a 115 yard, touchdown rushing performance in the Divisional Round, Gurley was limited to a career-low five touches (4 rush, 1 rec) against the Saints. In his place, veteran C.J. Anderson— who was signed in December when Gurley was out with a knee injury– has taken the majority of touches for LA. Since joining the team, Anderson has registered at least 16 carries a game and only once (vs the Saints) did he manage less than 100 yards. McVay noted he would put an emphasis on getting Gurley more attempts in the Super Bowl, but it will be worth keeping an eye on who is getting the bulk of the workload.On the other side, the Patriots have a dynamic running back tandem of their own. Veteran James White and rookie Sony Michel combine for a lethal one-two punch split between the air and ground games. Despite being listed as an RB, White is primarily a target in the passing game, tying a playoff record with 15 catches in the AFC Divisional Round against the Chargers without running the ball a single time. Michel, on the other hand Kyler Murray Jersey , has carved his own path by gashing defenses in the rushing attack. Having carried the ball 53 times in the postseason, the rookie out of Georgia has tallied 242 yards and five TDs. He’s only been targeted once in the pass game. So for those keeping track at home: if White is in the game, expect a pass. If it’s Michel, expect a run.Pressure, pressing down on meDuring the regular season, the Patriots gave up just 21 sacks, good for the third fewest in the League. So far during the playoffs, Brady has yet to be brought down. However, they have not faced a pass rusher quite like the AP Defensive Player of the Year, Aaron Donald. Donald, who led the league with 20.5 sacks in the regular season, stuffed the stat sheet once again on his way to a second-consecutive DPOY award. Despite not yet having a playoff sack to his name Byron Murphy Jersey , Donald’s pressure is constantly being felt; in the Championship vs the Saints, he registered three QB hits on Drew Brees. That said, he is not the only one that can make a QB sweat. The Rams totaled 41 sacks during the regular season and have gotten into the backfield three times during the playoffs. If LA can put Brady on his back, there’s a good chance the Lombardi could be coming to the City of Champions.So now that you’re equipped with the biggest storylines, some tidbits to drop throughout the game and certain personnel that will allow you to predict plays a la Tony Romo, it’s time to kick back with a bowl full of snacks and watch history unfold right before your eyes.
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