Dak Prescott has a new No. 1 receiver and there’s a fresh leading

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ARLINGTON http://www.tennesseetitansteamonline.com/amani-hooker-jersey , Texas (AP) — Dallas quarterback’s blockers after the Cowboys traded for Amari Cooper and fired offensive line coach Paul Alexander during an open week that was much busier than normal.And there’s little question about the message owner and general manager Jerry Jones is sending as the Cowboys try to keep a perfect home season intact to offset their winless road mark in a Monday night visit from the Tennessee Titans, who share the same record (3-4) and sense of urgency because of a three-game losing streak.“We’re more urgent because we’ve dug a hole here,” Jones said on his radio show. “In order to really be where we want to be, which that (is) in the playoffs, then we’ve got to be pretty strong in our success here. We don’t have time here. We don’t have the room to wiggle here.”The Cowboys gave Oakland their upcoming first-round draft pick for Cooper because the receivers simply haven’t made the big plays the coaching staff and front office hoped would still be there despite the offseason release of Dez Bryant in a cost-cutting move.Dallas dumped Alexander in the middle of his first season and promoted former Cowboys lineman Marc Colombo because a front that has been among the NFL’s best for several years simply hasn’t been as good, with or without Travis Frederick. The four-time Pro Bowl center hasn’t played and remains out indefinitely with a nerve disorder.Now it’s time to see how some midseason upheaval, which included bringing retired former offensive line coach Hudson Houck out of retirement to help Colombo, translates to the field.“I don’t think it’ll be that much of a change,” right tackle La’el Collins said. “It’s more so just us being able to do a lot of different things that we’ve done in the past, just kind of getting back to us playing at a high level and being more effective.”The Titans are also coming off the bye week , preceded by a solid bounce-back game for Marcus Mariota after he was sacked 11 times — one shy of the NFL record — in a shutout loss to Baltimore.Mariota had a season-best 75 percent completion percentage (24 of 32) for 237 yards with a touchdown and an interception in a 20-19 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers — the second one-point loss on the current skid.Still, the Titans have the 30th-ranked offense and passing game in the NFL. And the Cowboys aren’t much better at 28th and 29th.“I think everybody across the offense has a sense of urgency,” said Mariota, who turned 25 this week. “If we can carry that throughout the entirety of a game, I think we can be efficient. We can do well on third downs. We can score touchdowns.”Some other things to know with the Titans and Cowboys set for a Monday night showdown:STILL IN THE HUNTBoth teams have been fortunate not to lose touch with the top of their divisions.The Titans have been overtaken by Houston’s five-game winning streak in the AFC South Taylor Rapp Jersey , but are just one loss behind the Texans (5-3) in the loss column. The Cowboys have the same number of losses as Super Bowl champion Philadelphia (4-4) and can pull back even with the idle Eagles in the NFC East. Washington has a shot at a two-game cushion in a visit to Atlanta.THE RUNDOWNThe Titans are 19th in the NFL running the ball even with Derrick Henry, the 2015 Heisman Trophy winner, and Dion Lewis in the backfield.The Titans signed fullback Jalston Fowler to the roster after returning from their bye, and coach Mike Vrabel made it clear they want to run the ball better. Dallas star Ezekiel Elliott is coming off the second-worst game of his career, a 33-yard showing in a 20-17 loss to the Redskins.DEFENSIVE SHOWDOWNDallas is giving up just 17.6 points per game, second in the NFL and one spot ahead of Tennessee at 18.1. The Titans are the NFL’s best inside an opponent’s 20, while the Cowboys are second.“It’s going to be the battle of the red zone,” Titans linebacker Wesley Woodyard said. “Bend, but don’t break. That’s been our mentality on defense.”INCORPORATING COOPERCooper spent several days with Cowboys receivers coach Sanjay Lal in California. They went to a park in Oakland to work on routes, and Cooper had some video phone calls with Prescott to try to speed the process of learning one another.NO MORE GLOVEMariota said he is no longer wearing a partial glove that he was using to help with lingering numbness and tingling after injuring his elbow in the season opener. ATLANTA (AP) — Atlanta has dodged a repeat of the ice storm which marred its previous Super Bowl.When an ice storm blanketed Atlanta before the Super Bowl in 2000, the fear was the NFL wouldn’t want to bring the game back.Atlanta’s $1.5 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium was a game-changer. The new building, which opened in 2017, is the reason the city is hosting Sunday’s Super Bowl 53.The weather is on Atlanta’s side for Sunday’s Rams-Patriots game. There was a hard freeze Tuesday night, but no snow and no significant black ice. The forecast calls for a high near 60 on Sunday. The new stadium’s fancy retractable roof may be open for at least a portion of the game.Anyone who attended the 2000 game knows how important it was for Atlanta, and for the NFL Shareef Miller Jersey , to avoid another frozen mess. The ice storm 19 years ago made it difficult for fans to drive into the city or safely walk to events surrounding the stadium.The ice and cold also affected the players on the teams in 2000. Practice plans were altered, including a walk-through in the team hotel ballroom.“I recall we’re going to Atlanta for the Super Bowl and then it’s freezing outside and we needed heaters at practice,” said Kurt Warner, who was the quarterback for the then-St. Louis Rams, who beat the Tennessee Titans 23-16.“The Saturday walkthrough, instead of having it out at the stadium we ended up doing some of that stuff in the ballroom, with the conditions and all. It was not exactly how I thought it would be.”Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay was one of the Atlanta-based fans affected by the freezing weather in 2000.Then only 14, McVay was already accustomed to Atlanta’s traffic woes. Thanks to the ice, McVay said his family’s drive to the old Georgia Dome was much worse than normal.“I know Atlanta traffic is always a nightmare, but it was especially bad that day,” McVay said Wednesday. “It took us forever to get into the Georgia Dome at the time.”There were serious worries about the weather this week, and for good cause. Ice turned Atlanta interstates into a demolition derby in 2014, leaving motorists stranded overnight on the Interstate 285 which serves as the perimeter around the city.This week, another daunting winter weather forecast prompted Georgia authorities to close government offices, Atlanta schools and cancel flights on Tuesday.Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald chuckled at all the commotion. He said he had no concerns about a repeat of the 2000 weather mess.“This weather is not bad at all Germaine Pratt Jersey ,” Donald said. “It rains and y’all want to shut stuff down. I’m from Pittsburgh, so this ain’t bad.”It’s not as if Atlanta has sole claim to winter weather. Other Super Bowl cities, including Dallas, have been burdened with bad weather.Atlanta is eager to show its sunny side to its Super Bowl crowd and TV audience.NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Atlanta is on track for a good show.“Atlanta has done an incredible job,” Goodell said Wednesday at his state of the league news conference . “… We’re early in the week, but we see no reason why this isn’t going to be a great Super Bowl.”Falcons owner Arthur Blank said Sunday’s game will be “a great showcase for Atlanta.”“Atlanta is going to do a wonderful job putting its best foot forward,” Blank said.The next big question: Will the city face another 19-year wait before the Super Bowl returns?Goodell bragged on the city — and its new stadium.“As it relates to when we come back, as you know they get more and more competitive as more and more cities want to host the Super Bowl,” Goodell said. “We think that’s great, but it is a challenge for us to meet all those demands.“I also believe not only is this city incredibly important to us, I believe the new stadium is one I think everyone will marvel at. I think it is an extraordinary stage for all of us.”
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