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After nearly a year in the making, Formula 1’s proposed rules makeover for faster, more dynamic cars from 2017 has reached a critical seven days. April 30 is the deadline by which regulations concerning design, tyres and engines must be agreed if they are to come into force in time for next season.So, entering a key few days for F1s future, how does the situation stand and what is 2017 shaping up to look like? Why is the next week make-or-break for 2017?Having been pushed back from an original March 1 deadline, April 30 is now the final point at which the Sporting and Technical Regulations for 2017 must be finalised.The Strategy Group and F1 Commission are meeting on Tuesday to thrash out the final details, with hope that the plans will not be derailed at the final moment.What were the original plans? In May last year, the FIA announced the Strategy Group had agreed on the need to make F1 more spectacular from 2017.The intention was to make cars between five and six seconds faster a lap, with the regulations to be overhauled to also ensure the challengers possessed more aggressive looks.So what will the cars look like?In what is possibly the first time F1 has made aesthetics a central pillar of future regulations, 2017s cars are set to look more aggressive thanks to regulations to make them wider, heavier and run on fatter tyres. Wings will also be wider, with the rear wing lower than is currently the case.Bodywork dimensions were published in February and teams are already working to this blueprint in early development work at their factories.The cars are pretty good looking, Williams chief technical officer Pat Symonds told Sky Sports F1.We are running ours in the wind tunnel this week and it looks like a proper racing car. Its got very big rear tyres on it and it doesnt look retro, which is a thing I was worried about.The front wing is swept back a little bit, as are the sidepods, and the rear-wing endplates slope backwards. It almost gives an impression of the car moving when its standing still, so it does look good. 2017 bodywork: Key changes at a glance 2016 2017 Front tyres 245mm wide 305mm wide Rear tyres 325mm wide 405mm wide Suspension track 1800mm 2000mm Front wing span 1650mm 1800mm Rear wing 750mm wide / 950mm high 950mm wide / 800mm high Maximum Weight 702kg 722kg + tyres How much faster will the cars be?Although the original intention was to bring lap times down by up to six seconds, more moderate gains around the four-second mark are now expected from the new rules themselves.Personally, I could never understand why we would want to do that, said Symonds of the six-second target.It doesnt do anything per se. When we run the cars with 100kg of fuel in, they are nearly five seconds slower than they might be in qualifying trim. So I dont think the actual lap time really matters much.In any case, the natural rate of F1 development already means the current 2016 cars are even faster than last years. At the Bahrain GP, Lewis Hamiltons pole position time was three seconds under 2015s benchmark and, despite the smaller-capacity V6 engines, was the quickest-ever lap seen at the venue.According to Mercedes Toto Wolff, the 2017 cars will be more difficult to drive and deploy much more G on the driver like in the past.Will overtaking improve? Here is the rub of the 2017 overhaul.While the decrease in lap times and increase in downforce is likely to make the cars more challenging for drivers, few believe the changes will do anything to alleviate F1s overtaking issues - and some fear the age-old problem of cars being able to follow each other closely will only get worse.The car is a bit quicker - not stunningly quicker, but they will be a bit quicker - but I dont think theres anything there thats going to improve the racing, unfortunately, says Symonds. When is the Russian GP on Sky? All the broadcast times you need for the Sochi weekend - live only on Sky Sports F1 The truism is that the more downforce youve got on the car the more youre going to be affected by the wake of another car. And the 2017 cars do have a bit more downforce, so I do think theyre going to be affected more than the current cars.I certainly hope we havent made things significantly worse, but Im sure we havent made them better. And I sort of doubt that are the same.Drivers have voiced similar fears, with Lewis Hamilton perhaps putting it most starkly: I think we need more mechanical grip and less aero wake coming off the back of the cars so we can get close and overtake. Give us five seconds worth of lap time from aero and nothing will change - well just be driving faster.What is happening with engines? Despite some high-profile and persistent opposition to the V6 hybrids since their 2014 introduction - most notably from Bernie Ecclestone - the technology is set to remain in place until 2020.But the manufacturers are set to cede ground where it comes to customer costs and the guarantee of supply. The FIA has pushed for the fees customer teams pay for their engines to come down to €12m by 2018 at the latest and the manufacturers say they are on course to deliver that.Weve offered much cheaper engines and actually met the targets we set ourselves, Mercedes Toto Wolff told Sky F1. We have structured an obligation to supply - which we dont like particularly, but we have offered it to not run into a Red Bull situation again - and all that is on paper.Manufacturers were also tasked with addressing issues of performance convergence to ensure there is a smaller disparity between the four power units in use on the grid.Will they be louder? Complaints from fans, and some drivers, over the quieter noise generated by the V6 engines has lingered for two years now and the FIA remain keen for the sports soundtrack to be pumped up.We are working on various concepts and have made it one of the key points in order to find solutions, stressed Wolff, with Mercedes commitment to finding improvements underlined by the fact they are currently advertising for a noise engineer to join their engine division in Brixworth.Would-be candidates need to be ready for the challenging task of improving the turbo hybrid V6 noise appeal without sacrificing power unit or vehicle performance.Whats the plan for tyres? With Formula 1 intent on increasing downforce, plans have long been in place to make the tyres wider to increase mechanical grip.The front tyres will be a 305mm-wide thread rather than the current 245mm, while rear tyres will be increased to a 405mm-wide thread from 325mm.As seen by this season, strategy on rubber can have a huge say on racing and tyres are to be a major component in the 2017 changes. However, it was only this week that Pirelli were granted extra tyre testing.The Italian manufacturer will be afforded 25 car days to test the new tyres in 2016, 2017 and 2018 using current cars. As the 2017 cars step up in downforce, Pirelli must make sure the tyres can cope with the higher than usual pressures.Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery told Sky F1 in Shanghai: The tyres are going to be quite different. We are moving towards a much larger thermal zone than we have now. You hear the drivers saying We want to push on, so they will be able to. There will be much less degradation and a different type of performance.And what about head protection? Kimi Raikkonen tests out his Ferrari with the new safety halo during pre-season testing in Barcelona. Following growing pressure from drivers, the FIA has set the target of introducing some form of cockpit protection from next season. The Mercedes-devised halo has long been considered the front-running concept and was briefly tested by Ferrari for the first time during pre-season testing at Barcelona.However, Red Bull have simultaneously developed an alternative canopy design - which they believe is a more refined solution. The team were planning to complete static tests of it this week before a potential trial on the RB12 in first practice in Russia. Watch the whole Russian GP weekend - LIVE ONLY on Sky Sports F1. The race begins at 1pm on Sunday May 1, with build-up from 11.30am. Or watch the race without a contract for £6.99 on NOW TV. Also See: Pirelli granted 2017 tyre tests When is the Russian GP on Sky? Le Raven Clark Jersey . The Toronto Blue Jays general manager made a series of bold moves that reshaped the club ahead of what would turn out to be a disastrous 2013 campaign. John Simon Jersey . Speaking with TSN 1050 following Brendan Shanahans introductory press conference, the Leafs GM also addressed the clubs perceived leadership issues and the type of working relationship that can be expected within Torontos front office. http://www.footballcoltsteamprostore.com/Youth-Peyton-Manning-Elite-Jersey/. -- James Harden scored 31 points, including 25 in the second half, and the Houston Rockets dug out of a double-digit, first-half hole to beat the Orlando Magic 101-89 on Wednesday night. Christine Michael Sr Jersey . Neither player was available Saturday for the Knicks 107-98 loss in Atlanta. "Were going in a different direction and weve got to figure out another spot or two for our ballclub," coach Mike Woodson said before the game. Darius Butler Jersey . After just two league games in June, Toronto (6-4-1) will go on to play seven in July plus a friendly against Tottenham. Five of those contests are against Eastern Conference opposition, meaning valuable points in the playoff race are on the line.The Oklahoma City Barons, the American Hockey League affiliate of the Edmonton Oilers, will cease operations at the end of the season. Edmonton’s lease commitment is finished after the 2014-15 league year and it will not be renewed after five years in Oklahoma City, the Oilers announced Thursday. “The players, coaches and fans of the OKC Barons have been outstanding partners to our organization as our development team affiliate. We have enjoyed a solid working relationship with the City of Oklahoma City as well as with Prodigal, the Barons’ management company, throughout the team’s five years,” Oilers Entertainment Group President & COO Patrick LaForge said in a release. “The decision to move on from Oklahoma City, although not easy, will open new opportunities for the Oilers organization and our AHL business. We want to thank Bob Funk Jr. and his team at Prodigal for their partnership in bringing professional hockey to Oklahoma City.” As TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger reports, the Oilers’ ECHL franchise in Bakersfield, California could be transformed into the team’s new AHL hhome.dddddddddddd. The AHL is currently working on forming a Western Division to accommodate the NHLs California-based clubs and teams in Western Canada, who have been pushing for a western wing for a number of years. AHL President Dave Andrews said that the league isnt prepared to announce a new division, as a lot more work remains to be done. Reports indicate the Calgary Flames also have interest in relocating their AHL team from Glen Falls, New York while the Winnipeg Jets have one more year remaining on their agreement in St Johns, Newfoundland, which the Jets intend to honour. Vancouver Canucks sources told Dreger that they have no plans to pull out of Utica, New York at this time. Los Angeles, San Jose, Anaheim, Arizona and potentially Colorado would make up the American component of the new division, with Edmonton, Calgary, and in the future, Winnipeg and Vancouver also involved. While details are still being worked out, the launch of the division in 2015 may only include the AHL franchises of Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Jose, Calgary and Edmonton. Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '
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