Reactions to the Bengals’ 53-man roster

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The Bengals have created an initial 53-man roster with quite a few surprises.Among those surprises are seven wide receivers making the cut Womens Jordan Evans Jersey , Ryan Hewitt and Michael Johnson getting released, KeiVarae Russell and rookie defensive linemen Andrew Brown getting waived and second-year defensive tackle Josh Tupou making the roster among only eight defensive linemen.There will be changes coming. Guys like Cody Core and Davonte Harris could end up in Injured/Reserve by Monday. Harris almost certainly will. That could lead to Russell returning, if he clears waivers. The Bengals could look to sign some guys off the waiver wire, too. Maybe a quarterback, cornerback or defensive lineman, for example. The cornerback group is pretty questionable and it doesn’t seem like the Bengals are fully confident in Jeff Driskel backing up Andy Dalton. That, after Matt Barkley was placed on Injured/Reserve with a season-ending MCL sprain.Maybe Johnson will actually be back on the roster soon, too. Though, the Raiders reportedly are interested in him after trading away Khalil Mack to start off the day on Saturday. Oakland also traded for AJ McCarron later in the day, taking him away from the Bills.Here are some reactions from us, you, the media and Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis following the release of the 53-man roster. CINCINNATI BENGALS (7-9)New faces: LT Cordy Glenn , RT Bobby Hart, C Billy Price, LB Preston Brown, S Jessie Bates, DE Sam Hubbard.Key losses: QB AJ McCarron, C Russell Bodine, CB Adam "Pacman" Jones, RB Jeremy Hill, LB Kevin Minter.Strengths: Playmakers at every spot on offense, especially receiver with A.J. Green, John Ross, Tyler Boyd and Josh Malone. Second-year RB Joe Mixon is dual threat to run or catch Youth Ryan Glasgow Jersey , as is veteran Giovani Bernard. QB Andy Dalton coming off subpar year after getting little time to throw. Coordinator Bill Lazor overhauled offense, aiming for more big plays. Deep group of pass rushers led by veteran linemen Carlos Dunlap and Geno Atkins along with second-year LB Carl Lawson anchors reconfigured defense under new coordinator Teryl Austin. Dunlap and Atkins got multiyear extensions before the final preseason game.Weaknesses: Offensive line was unable to open holes for run game or protect Dalton last season, when Bengals finished last in yards on offense for first time in their history. Overhauled line will be key, and it struggled at times during preseason, especially right side. Bengals counting on Ross and Boyd to have breakout years after disappointing seasons. Also need TE Tyler Eifert to stay healthy coming off back surgery.Fantasy Player To Watch: Mixon. With Hill gone, second-year back moves into primary role. Bengals plan to use him as receiver more, and he's shown ability to turn short catches into big plays in preseason.Vegas Says: Super Bowl 105-1. Over/under wins 7.Expectations: Decision to bring back coach Marvin Lewis after second straight losing season and 0-7 playoff record sent message of more-of-same in Cincinnati, which operates under change-averse owner Mike Brown and hasn't won playoff game since 1990 season, sixth-longest stretch of futility in NFL history. Offense failed to use its big-play threats effectively last two seasons, hampered by awful performance on line. Their fate rests largely upon how overhauled line performs.
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