The Hog Molly Report: Panthers vs Cowboys

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The Hog Molly Report: Panthers vs Cowboys Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Hog Molly Report Womens Donte Jackson Jersey , where winning in the trenches is all that matters. Before we begin, we open with the reciting of our usual motto:In the spirit of Mr. Gettleman’s words (regardless of him having moved on) and the philosophy of building a team from the inside out, my goal will be to watch the hog mollies each game during the season and give them a grade based on their performance. This week we will look at the Pyrrhic victory against the Dallas Cowboys in week 1. The Panthers may have won the battle, but injuries to Hog MИзображениеollies may end up winning the war for someone else.Offensive Hog MolliesYards per Carry: 4.6, season: 4.6 (T-10th, NFL)Yards per Play: 4.8, season: 4.8 (24th, NFL)Sacks allowed: 3, season: 3 (T-20th, NFL)Third downs converted: 4 of 12 or 33%, season: 33% (T-18th, NFL)Rating: 3 out of 5 Hurting HogsIt could have been worse. It also could have been a lot better... but given that the offensive line had entirely new starters on the left side, and a right tackle that missed the entire preseason, it was a halfway decent day. It should have been a better day from a scoring perspective given how well the defense was doing, but overall Panthers fans were left wanting more from their supposedly improved offense. Let’s start with the sack breakdown:1st Sack: Q2 0:30, 1st & 5, DAL 9 - Cowboys send a four man rush, Ryan Kalil gets beat by a bull rush right away but Cam Newton makes a miraculous escape with pressure in his face , managing to negate lost yardage on the play but technically a sack. Certainly noteworthy because it forced Cam to spike the ball and settle for a Graham Gano field goal. 2nd Sack: Q3 12:37, 3rd & 13, midfield - Cowboys send a four man rush, Ryan Kalil whiffs on Maliek Collins, but it looks to me like Greg Van Roten should have been assisting him instead of peeling back to help Taylor Moton, who had assistance from Christian McCaffrey on his man. Cam has nowhere to go, Carolina forced to punt.3rd Sack: Q4 5:48, 3rd & 14, CAR 32 - Cowboys fake a double A gap blitz but back out of it sending four rushers, this apparently leads to some confusion and a jailbreak up front. Terrible pass rush splits, the entire line gets pushed back in a massive pile essentially. Greg Van Roten is pushed straight back into Cam, and Cam has nowhere to step forward. Trai Turner’s man, DeMarcus Lawrence cleans up the sack. This was the worst down of the day for the line, without question.Penalties hurt us quite a bit in this one as well, holding and hands to the face calls stalled several drives. But, obviously the thing that cripples us long term is Daryl Williams sustaining what is reported to be a new injury to his right leg, which will require surgery and potentially end up being season ending. If Amini Silatolu is allowed to start in his place, there will be dire consequences for the offense as a whole , and Cam Newton will suffer the worst of it. I can’t stress enough how much of a crime it is that Silatolu continues to be allowed to play football, managing to hit a new low on Sunday by sticking his leg in the way of an extra point snap, turning what would be a three score game into a two score one.Defensive Hog MolliesYards per Carry: 4.3, season: 4.3 (T-18th, NFL)Yards per Play: 4.1, season: 4.1 (4th, NFL)Sacks given: 6, season: 6 (T-2nd, NFL)Third down allowed %: 2 of 11 or 18%, season: 18% (4th, NFL)Rating: 5 out of 5 Bloodthirsty Savage SwineRuthless and unrelenting are the two words I’d use to describe the defensive line on Sunday. Facing a fairly mobile quarterback in Dak Prescott, there were several occasions where defensive linemen stuck with the play and ended up getting sacks on pursuit. The most impressive of which belonged to Mario Addison, notching the strip sack to effectively ice the game. High marks also go to Wes Horton, who notched 1.5 sacks on rotational duty as well as Vernon Butler who blew up several run plays and had a good amount of success collapsing protection, even without a ton of statistical impact. Another thing that can’t be ignored was the nearly complete neutralization of Ezekiel Elliott, who only managed 69 yards rushing on the day. It was a good showing for most everyone on defense, though Julius Peppers left much to be desired. Perhaps missing the entire preseason isn't the best idea, even for a grizzled pro like him.Hog Molly of the Week: Kawann ShortWhile Mario Addison ended up with the most clutch play on defense Womens David Mayo Jersey , it was Kawann Short that proved to be a living nightmare for the Cowboys’ offensive line. With two sacks on the day, three hurries, and his success collapsing the middle on running plays, he was the real catalyst for why the Cowboys couldn’t get anything moving on offense. If he continues this level of play and Dontari Poe starts to match it (he drew most of the double teams on Sunday), the Panthers will be nearly impossible to run on. Panthers safety Eric Reid was ejected from Thursday night’s loss to the Steelers, which was unsurprising to anyone who saw him drill Ben Roethlisberger in the head long after Roehtlisberger’s knee hit the ground on his feet-first slide. Unsurprising, that is, to anyone other than Reid and his coach.Reid said after the game that he was unaware that ejections are a thing in the NFL.鈥淚 didn鈥檛 even know you could be ejected,鈥?Reid said. 鈥淭he referees told me I was targeting him, which I disagree with.鈥滻t’s hard to fathom how an NFL player could not know that ejections exist in the NFL, and hits like Reid’s are exactly the kinds of plays that often result in ejections. But Panthers head coach Ron Rivera didn’t agree with the ejection, either.鈥淚 don鈥檛 think that was warranted, I really don鈥檛. I don鈥檛 think he hit him hard enough to eject him,鈥?Rivera said. 鈥淭hey are trying to protect the quarterbacks, and he was high.鈥漅eid will certainly be fined, and possibly suspended.
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