The reason why Is Tempered Glass Brittle In Winter?

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With the beginning of winter, Building Tempered Glass (especially outdoor) is two thousandth a lot more than the previous season, and tempered glass is a type of prestressed glass. There is compressive stress for the surface and tensile strain inside. Generally, the glass is a state of harmony of force. However, there are few impurities in the cup raw material.

As time goes, and the temperature throughout winter is large every day and night, a phase change occurs and the volume increases. In particular, the temperature inside the house is high, and the temperature outside the property is low. It is usually the temperature outside the tempered glass online to the window, which in turn ruins the compressive stress as well as tensile stress balance in the tempered glass, and fails itself. It is called self-explosion in the market.

In order to stay away from the rupture of Really Large Tempered Glass or glass within the northeast, they are separated by two layers of doors and windows.
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