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After exposure,2019 Mens Jordans will pay more attention. This pair of black jelly Jolly Air Jordan 1 is probably the next popular spot! The pink Air Jordan 1 is quite rare. In 2017, the airborne Air Jordan 1 “Rust Pink” was released at the Art Basel in Miami. It has already broken through the 2w yuan mark, and the new product that will be released soon will undoubtedly appear. More close to the people! The Air Jordan 1 Crimson Tint shoe scheme uses a black and red opaque color scheme. The large black lychee covers the body, and the toe, upper and outsole and Swoosh are pink. It is worth mentioning that this time I changed the pink color of the past, there are some jelly orange atmosphere, the effect of the foot is very refreshing, the eye-catching eye-catching dress can be described as men and women!

Last year adidas launched a series of super cost-effective old-fashioned shoes like Yung-1, Yung-96 and the girl-only Falcon. Recently, Falcon has another new fluorescent color exposure, which will be released next month. The adidas Falcon upper is spliced ??in shades of yellow, orange, pink and blue in a fluorescent hue. It is fresh and dazzling. The silver reflectors add to the eye-catching index of the shoes, and the tops are absolutely eye-catching.

The Air Max 720 series running shoes that were released in February this year can be regarded as the highest level of technology in Nike air cushion technology. The thickness is exaggerated to 38mm, which is the thickest in history. After a variety of color matching, Nike official website recently released a set of official maps of cool gray gradient color, let's take a look. The Nike Air Max 720 Cool Grey upper is made of synthetic cotton, complemented by a unique embossed grain embellishment, with a gradient of wolf ash and dark grey, and the upper foot effect must be versatile. At the same time, in the middle of the outer side of the shoe body, the Mini Swoosh embellishment is added to the design, and the midsole is complemented by the iconic design of the Air Max 720. It is a good choice for everyday wear.
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